Simple Life

24 Apr

Having just attend Dong’s wedding, after reviewing a few photos and shedding some tears of being a cry baby it really hit me hard…

… well, for one, life is really simple back then.

Yup. Simple compared to now. I saw myself back then as if I’m in a time machine. And it all started from crying. I tried to recall reasons why I cried back in high school when I’m still with Dong, Renee and Karina. Come to think of it, what made 4 quite unusual girl then together for the whole 4 years of high school life?

I always think of our group as the perfect 2…
… 2 girls who came from grade 7
… 2 girls who were accelerated from grade 6
… 2 girls who are good in Math
… 2 girls who are known to excel in arts and craft
… 2 girls got involved in the dramatics club
… 2 tall girls
… 2 petite girls
… 2 slim girls
… 2 quite healthy ones

And back then, I’m more close to Dong while Renee and Karina are quite a tandem.

What made Nemcy cry back in high school? All I remember crying was during retreats/recollections… but don’t exactly know why? Hmmm…

And now, what made me cry?

Lately, being in a wedding ceremony is one, that’s why I don’t want to attend one except when it’s work, like either the photographer or just an assistant. But why on weddings? I guess I still have to sort myself why.

I guess my life then and my life now didn’t quite change. I may be not be wearing a uniform now, but at time I need to power dress up during client meetings and presentations. The classroom then is the world now we all face. Homeworks then are the projects/responsibilities we handle now.

Frustrations, loneliness, happiness and victories are all the same, then and now, just in a different form.

So life then isn’t so different as nowadays. It’s a matter on how you look at it, how you take it and deal with it.

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