On Continuity and Restlessness

01 May

I’m a bit shaken with the things happening around me. Things that matter personally and professionally. Made me think again on certain situations that I thought only fictatious and happens only because the scriptwriter and director told them so…

It even irritates me more when simple stuff that should at least coorperate with you to ease up a little tention adds up and aggitates you more…

… itchy scalp. I’ve paid some shiny, gloss thing to be done on my hair and paid quite a lot for such treatment. I’ve forever believed that no one or nothing should be done to my hair––EVER! But being so vulnerably clueless and illogical lately, this famous parlor made me do so. Now, I suffer for it… wounded scalp AND pocket. Unsolicited advice: Stick to your gut feeling!
… bruises springing out of nowhere? There’s this quite big one on my right arm that’s irritates me for weeks.
… this weird type of zit appears of all places, on my nape? Since now I have shorter hair, it’s visible I bet, I get to scrape, hit or touch it accidentally… ARGH!

I guess the stress is manifesting in some way or another. Specially the itchy scalp. I go such state when I think to much… is my brain cells falling out?

Hahaha. Cartoons… I think I’ve watched to much cartoons…


Today, I am meeting up with Jose. It’s been quite sometime since we’ve seen each other. We hardly chat or exchange SMS messages. Mostly, he’s the one initiating. Like this meet up.

I feel he’s quite happy… because he never watch movies in Tagalog! Hihihi. Really. He hates the plot. The very predictable plot. Which up until now, I wonder why I’m still such a sucker for Filipino mushy love story, specially the tragic ones. I don’t know. I’m such a hopeless romantic, I guess.

2 movies (one Tagalog movie: take note) + Jose + plus his treat = Should not pass this one up.

Jose’s gearing up with his tinted glasses aka sunglasses and I’m bring quite an absorbent hanky. (My beach towel is huge to fit in my bag) 😉


It’s a Thursday. A holiday. Tomorrow is a Friday and there’s still work. PGMA can’t do her thing in moving holidays here and there this time. It’s Labor Day. She will definitely be like banging herself on spiky, solid wall… or she has another plan in mind?

I remember an old taxi driver who seemed quite intellectual based on his comments saying, “PGMA is really an economist”.  I won’t expound on it anymore, check the dictionary and the news.

Going back today being a holiday and tomorrow still a workday, a lot of people might be heading somewhere today. They might have filed a work leave to enjoy the long weekend. Good for them. I envy them. My getaway will just be 2 movie dates, a hearty meal with a good friend, Jose. Thanks to him, I might be working again today despite the holiday. Well, I did bring home some work and plan to do it tonight AFTER the movie date because it’s deadline is tomorrow, Friday.

Welcome to a more vicious reality… it does bite.


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