16 May

It’s hard to accept that after all the things you do, all the sacrifices and all the hopes you have, in the end still the one thing you wanted to have can’t be yours…

I cried (again) and felt how Betty feels (episode 16, season 2)… this hopeless romantic lady got carried away again.

(Scene/Photo above) Betty tried to smile for Henry but I can relate that it’s hard to maintain that smile and pretend you’re okay when you know you are hurting inside


There are things we really know, the truth that we ignore. Denial. Because it’s easier to dream and aspire because of the hopes of happiness, of the happy ending just like in the fairy tales or in romantic movies. It was ideal.

But in actuality, you won’t get what that very least you wanted. I wouldn’t get what I was hoping for…

Reality does bite.

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Posted by on May 16, 2008 in Ask if you dare..., Realizations


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