Off to the Beach

29 May

This entry was weeks old late… another entry that I owe and it’s worth posting still 😉 Thanks again, Ate Marj, Jose aka Chong and Denden Ü

It’s been really stressful and frustrating these days and a trip to the beach was the temporary getaway, thanks to Ate Marj, Jose’s sister who invited me to join them over the weekend. And guess who’d they brought along?

Onyx!!! Their very lovable black labrador, who loves me too… not a brag but, see the evidence

Onyx’s look of love to me… buti pa ‘yung dog… (sniff)




I told Ate Marj over YM that “hulog s’ya ng langit sa akin” (trans. she’s sent from heaven to me, my savior!) that I think made her laugh :p But indeed, she’s really one to me, specially at these times. A mere escape how short it may be from the hustle and bustle of the city and the stress from work is definitely what I needed. And the day trip to a beach it is.

As early as 6am, we were on the rode. Denden drove the whole stretch of the trip from their place in Makati, picking me up at the Muñoz area down to the new SCLEX(?) then to the Subic area. With us were Mia and Marlene (their housekeepers) whom Ate Marj promised to take them to the beach to celebrate their birthdays. Of course Jose was there too and the most important of all, Onyx, the star of the day! 😉

By the way, they prepared our lunch and it was great! I ate a lot… as in a LOT! I ate I think almost 2 plateful of spaghetti. Buttered chicken was unforgettable. I ate a lot of lumpiang shanghai even when we were on our way back home. And peanuts, lots of peanuts as snacks. Found out that I’d prefer the hot and spicy with Happy brand than Sugo :p

Hmmm… I guess I’ll let the photos from my multiply [link] do the talking based on the captions (which I have still to place). I nabbed some photos from Jose’s file to which if not for him I won’t be having souvenirs from the trip. It’s like a unwritten deal, I’ll take his photos, he takes mine 😉

Oh, one thing that’s quite remarkable with this trip was the encounters with the “aliens”. I was about to take the plunge and was just packing up the camera I borrowed from Myles when Marlene was rushing towards the bucket that we brought for the trip. And what’s in her container?

Those were the “aliens” I’m pertaining. I kept calling those jellyfishes “aliens” because of their size, form and color. Too small right? You mgiht be thinking that they are harmless or too small for my built but wait till you see these…


And a comparative size of these “aliens” (the first big ones caught) with my unpedicured and manly-looking foot…

Now, would you wonder why we have such reactions?

Jose didn’t bother going back to the waters after that sighting. We were happy manning our stuff, snacking on the knick knacks, viewing how Onyx swims with Ate and Denden and snapping for their photos. Plus, Jose and I were so tranced with how these creatures were that I myself seemed to have taken more than 20 shots of these “aliens”. Sorry, Onyx, the spotlight was taken by these jellyfishes. But though they did that, Onyx still have quite a handful of shots/portraits.

Ate Marj give this shot a title: Easy Friendship… this is Onyx and Denden


Tug-o-war of Onyx with Ate Marj…


LQ? As in lovers’ quarrel between Denden and Onyx? Nah. Onyx was just tired here… :p


Now, Onyx is in an “argument” with Mia here… it’s her gesture that she doesn’t want to take the walk I guess.


Ever curious Onyx…


… who got tired but surely had fun too that day Ü

I didn’t take the dip but it was ok. I’m just glad that I’m there, feet got wet by the waves and inhaled sea breeze. Ate Marj and Jose knew that as simple as those actions I’m satisfied and really happy. A change of scene would really do some magic Ü plus I have Myles’ DSLR (Canon 20D) with telephoto lens which came so handy. Made me busy and occupied taking shots of the group and “others” as well… thanks Myles’! Getting the hang of using your toy 😉

Some of the photos I kinda like…


Jose… macho noh? :p But after this…

Proudly showing his Disney sun visor with it’s leopard prints!

One of the “gwapo” shots of Jose… for Addie 😉

This is Denden, serious? For you naman, Ate Marj 😉


One of the kids playing (and contributing) with the “aliens” collection… I think he’s contemplating here?


Mia and Marlene, the birthday celebrants doing there sand castles…


Splash it, Mia!


This is Jose bravely touching the “aliens”…

Me taking photos… shot courtesy of my VBF, Jose


Me and Onyx for a walk… by Jose


Still me and Onyx after the walk… he got tired that’s why he just slump on the cool sand… by Jose


Denden and Ate Marj, sweeters… by Jose


After that, we went to Duty Free and did a little shopping and then they brought me home to Bulacan and they finally met Nanay (my mother). The weekend day trip to Camayan Resort in Subic was short but fulfilling and satisfying to me. Thank you so much Ate Marj, Denden and Jose for the invitation. They knew that it’s also the first beaech trip I had for this summer. And summer is almost at its end.


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One response to “Off to the Beach

  1. Salve

    June 3, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    Nakakainggit naman! Buti ka pa nakapag-beach. Natapos na’t lahat ang summer, kahit sa ilog di man lang ako nakalusong. 😦


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