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A Strip Dedicated to my Boss-friend (and Kumpareng) Myles

Got back to my post in our office after a week-long assignment in Bangkok… before I post anything here, I’d like to dedicated this Peanuts strip to my boss-friend and kumpareng Myles…


Ikaw ang naalala ko sa katauhan ni Linus… fill in the character that Lucy impersonates here…


And I am now back to reality…

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Gold at the End of the Rainbow

That’s odd. From the time I seated in the call-in cab my tummy’s reacting weird. Am I having butterflies in my stomach or just typical gas reacting quite weird? Perhaps it’s hunger. It’s almost 8pm and I didn’t take any snacks that day. Finishing errands and doing last minute packing. I hate this day. All seemed going wrong. Really. As Gian last Ym-ed me, the only best thing that’s happening is that I’ll be going there and seeing him and Ten… yup, just the two of them.

What else can go wrong today? It was a quite miserable Wednesday.

I reached the airport exactly 2 hours before my designated flight. Remembering how it was the last time I went there, it has some “slight” changes: they gave the entrance a clean, well-lighted look. But other than that, nothing’s new.

Still hours before boarding, I tried looking around the waiting area for food. Well, decent food. Despite the fact that it’s surely pricey, at least it’s decent. After two  rounds, I still haven’t seen anything interesting. I have to eat something. Until in a corner with less people I found a store that sells some sweets and… noodles!!!

Vietnamese Noodles and Bottled Water
Dinner served: I think it’s Vietnamese noodles with 2 small beef I’ve eaten already and one bottle of mineral water that I saved till I reached my destination.

I wasn’t able to instructed the Cebu Pacific attendant to put me by the window, but thank God she did. Unfortunately, I am seated beside 2 young couples. I call them young because they acted that way and the guy, quite loud for his age. Later on I found out, a balikbayan. Just as I expected… mayabang at mahanging amboy. Behind me I think are gay couples, one of which kept on singing “Umbrella”…

Plese close the plane doors, I speak in my head. I just want to go and this over with

Wow! What a time not to bring my old and dusty iPod mini. Reminded myself, 2 hours of flight isn’t long. I’ve endured 18 hours of flight why can’t this one.

But the fun was just starting…

Just as the plane was about to take off, a funny noise was heard… what the f—k? The pilot seemed to try it again, 2nd time, 3rd time… the sound was like when you step on your car breaks it didn’t pass smoothly. Something like that. Then when I looked outside, I think one of the thingies on the right wing was not moving smoothly.

Then the pilot announces… they have “minor” technical problems and might cause the flight be delayed for about 30minutes. Oh boy… this will be the longest flight of my life…

I have not experienced riding a car being towed but now, I can perhaps put in my list of experienced things and cross it out: rode a plane being towed in the flight pad.

As the plane was being towed, the amboy started to tell stories of the flight he had with Cebu Pacific when one of it’s propeller stopped while in flight. Hearing that, I gave him a stern and sharp look. He stopped blabbing for awhile. I hope he got the message.

Who in the right f—king mind would talk about that while on a plane about to take off and has some trouble? ARGH! And thanks to him, the gay couple seemed to picked it up and started talking about some similar story? What?!? I am NOT hearing this… do these people even know where the hell are the propellers located in an airplane.

We have to transfer plane. Waited for almost an hour. Had to walk from gate 10 to gate 3, end to end of the airport.

A few minutes of peace. At times I appreciate being alone.

2 hours of flight was indeed longer. I had a few interrupted naps. What would you expect from a low-cost flight? But I am grateful for such flight. Because if not for that I don’t think I’ll be riding a plane heading for Bangkok. They may curse Cebu Pacific for their services but I salute them… really. They made Asian countries quite near and travelling efficient…. Well, minus the annoying passengers of course.

I envisioned a very impressive and pleasant Suvarnabhumi Airport that I am about to see then. And Gian, perhaps Ten also at the arrival gates. Texted him to inform that I’m already there, I noticed the time in my mobile phone, it’s a few minutes past 1AM… I felt relieved.

Well, feeling lousy, tired and I think some hair at the back of my head are standing still standing up, I walked towards the gates. Felt the cool aircon of the airport…. I am definitely in Bangkok! I saw my reflections by the glass window and it has been perhaps a habit of everyone to fix themselves, I stroke and tried to fix my hair. I saw passengers perhaps of the flight we disembarked from. Long-wait to their faces. I still feel floaty, that feeling you have when ride a roller coaster… light and floaty.

Then when my eyes reached the gates, I saw a familiar face. But it didn’t register to me until he smiled… Oh my… I think my voice was really loud that some co-passengers looked back. All I said was, “Hey! What are you doing here? Aren’t you suppose to be by 5 today?” He smiled. Welcomed me and reached out his hand for a handshake.

I am surprised. Stunned. I could have killed with his smile and if I have a bad heart I could have a heart attack there. Of course, I’m just exaggerating…

That placed a smile on my face. Odd smile that I hard can’t remove until I saw Gian and Ten at the arrival area. Hugged them both assured that I’m safe, not dreaming and is indeed in Bangkok.

It’s over. It’s already Thursday. Wednesday is definitely over.

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Second Time Around

They always say that love is lovelier the second time around… can that saying be also applied to a place you fell in love with?

Tonight is my flight to Bangkok. The city I fell in love the first time I’ve been there. I’m excited and at the same time scared as mentioned in one of my previous entry. While I was in the cab off to the airport, I don’t feel well that as if I have some morning sickness, like I want to vomit. And my stomach was somewhat contracting when I saw the lights of NAIA.

Why am I having the jitters when it’s my second time in the land of smiles? I don’t recall having the same feeling during my first trip there. Perhaps it’s what happening today that really quite affected me. I had to finish some projects before I leave for Bangkok and concentrate most of my energy and strength there. I even had a few burst of kasungitan that my team got affected. Me being Miss Minchin again 😦 Good thing we are all ok before I went to the airport.

Haaayyy… what pressure can do to a person. It builds you or eats you up…

*whispers to self* Lord, please make things better. Give me a clear mind to be alert, think things with preciseness and physical strength to endure and cope with the challenges that may come our way. Thank you.

Now my flight is being called. I guess we are about to board in a few minutes. Next entry, I’ll be breathing Bangkok air Ü

Land of Smiles, get ready for Batgirl 😉

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Is It the Heat?

It’s really getting worse… well, the weather for one. We all know that it’s the global warming. Aside from being unpredictable, the heat is really getting into each and everyone. Just like today, the heat is unbearable…

Humans mostly can bear the heat at some point but the machines, the breakdown… give in. KABLAM! Just like that.

(Did I just said “kablam”? Oh my goodness…)

I have been wearing a bandana for the past days. As a proof…

I look like a woman about to wash clothes by the river (God knows I wanted to wear a tapis in this heat!). Well, for those who don’t have any idea what I am talking about, there was a time in our history that women wash clothes by the river captured by Philippine National Artist Amorsolo. Back then, the rivers are all clear and “clean”. I wear bandana, the first bandana-wearing situation that is not for an outdoor activity, to keep my hair away from my face. And somehow it relieves heat in one way or another.

So, what can be ANOTHER way to contradict the heat?

Listen to Frank Sinatra’s Let It Snow song! (Other renditions may apply)

Unfortunately, I can’t embed the tune. Funny as it may be, but yes, I’m listening to it continuously in other renditions and my teammates are laughing out loud… one is even asking for her early Christmas gift 😛

Psyching oneself… dreaming of that cold place. Can you blame me if I somehow go back in time and imagine myself again in this setup?…

I’m full-clothed for the cold weather there, if it’s only possible to unclothed for the heat, but of course, it’s not the Adam and Eve time that one can run around naked without shame. But if the heat continues this way, I won’t be surprised if that biblical time would be back in fashion, minus the Eden of luscious greens. If earth or I myself will still be alive if that comes…

I pray that my ever dependable iMac would stand the heat and won’t breakdown. (please, please, please…)

So is it the heat? Hallucinations are caused by heat. Well, can you consider this situation SEMI-hallucination?

Wish I can submerge myself in a pile of snow to cool myself… just like this…

(that’s my niece, Noelle, playing with me…)

It is indeed the heat.


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Lucy Does It Again…

I have not much time to compose an entry lately. But I find some “refuge” to Peanuts and Snoopy strips that’s why I share it to you guys, specially those with quite some relevance. Like this one…

Lucy is the Queen of Sarcasm… I love her for that… I wish I can be a Lucy at some point. But right now, I can imagine some first lady doing such to a man…

There are some people close to me can take the place of Charlie and Lucy.

But in high respects to the man, mas bida pa rin s’ya kasya sa babae 😉

Fill in the blanks?

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Surprisingly Good

Inspite of having some bad days or really annoying circumstances that arise, some unexpected events do make a person quite happy.

Well, in my case, I was just told by my boss-friend, Myles that I will be going back to Bangkok. Yes. I’m going back there where I did have a great adventure, new culture exposure and experience, plus met new Thai friends… pretty and of course cute ones 😉 Like the first one, going back there now because of work. Will be spear heading an event for Beach Hut Clear Spray Sunblock. But this time, my friend Gian, who’s the International Business Manager of Naturale Laboratories, Inc. in Thailand will be there with me.

I’m excited. Can’t deny that. I get to see Bangkok again, which I undeniably somehow feel in love with, which my friends and colleagues joke about… do I really like the place or is it to someone who’s in Bangkok that I fell in love with? I just laughed with them.

I never announced or shared this trip idea to my family and friends until I saw that I am booked. When the e-ticket was sent, Myles immediately texted me. It was until I saw the email myself containing the e-ticket that finally sinked in to me. I am indeed and truly going back to Bangkok Ü

Happiness in it’s simplest manifestation…

(Where the hell, did I get that phrase….?)

Gian and I more frequently talked over YM and Skype to plan for the event. Both of us were excited to see each other. It’s been months. I’m excited… and scared.

Excited because aside from seeing my friends and being in a different place, I get to practice my skills and expertise with less intrusion. With this opportunity (again) we’ll have learnings which hopefully we can apply here in the Philippines. Scared… because it’s an event.. and it’s an unfamiliar place. Not quite my territory.

No challenge have ever been assigned to anyone if they can’t accomplish it… or at least learn from it. We’ll get through with this… I have my teammates and colleagues with me 😉

But for now, let me cherish the moment… upon confirming this flight I texted a few Thai friends, Put, Ten and Da. And surprisingly, Put replied quite fast.

I’ll see you soon, guys… with a few bags of dried mangoes and milk chocolates as requested.

I’ll be in the land where definitely I’ll be smiling a lot 😉


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Making a Point

Screaming really has it’s power… or should I say purpose?

But in the end, screaming to emphasize, to release some anger or just to ease up that emotion one is holding you’ll still go back to your old s–––id self.

Right now, I really, really wanted to scream at the faces of “brilliant” people…..

Mr. Schulz did pretty much of his characterization to his Peanuts kids… oh and his dog Snoopy, of course Ü

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