Surprisingly Good

09 Jun

Inspite of having some bad days or really annoying circumstances that arise, some unexpected events do make a person quite happy.

Well, in my case, I was just told by my boss-friend, Myles that I will be going back to Bangkok. Yes. I’m going back there where I did have a great adventure, new culture exposure and experience, plus met new Thai friends… pretty and of course cute ones 😉 Like the first one, going back there now because of work. Will be spear heading an event for Beach Hut Clear Spray Sunblock. But this time, my friend Gian, who’s the International Business Manager of Naturale Laboratories, Inc. in Thailand will be there with me.

I’m excited. Can’t deny that. I get to see Bangkok again, which I undeniably somehow feel in love with, which my friends and colleagues joke about… do I really like the place or is it to someone who’s in Bangkok that I fell in love with? I just laughed with them.

I never announced or shared this trip idea to my family and friends until I saw that I am booked. When the e-ticket was sent, Myles immediately texted me. It was until I saw the email myself containing the e-ticket that finally sinked in to me. I am indeed and truly going back to Bangkok Ü

Happiness in it’s simplest manifestation…

(Where the hell, did I get that phrase….?)

Gian and I more frequently talked over YM and Skype to plan for the event. Both of us were excited to see each other. It’s been months. I’m excited… and scared.

Excited because aside from seeing my friends and being in a different place, I get to practice my skills and expertise with less intrusion. With this opportunity (again) we’ll have learnings which hopefully we can apply here in the Philippines. Scared… because it’s an event.. and it’s an unfamiliar place. Not quite my territory.

No challenge have ever been assigned to anyone if they can’t accomplish it… or at least learn from it. We’ll get through with this… I have my teammates and colleagues with me 😉

But for now, let me cherish the moment… upon confirming this flight I texted a few Thai friends, Put, Ten and Da. And surprisingly, Put replied quite fast.

I’ll see you soon, guys… with a few bags of dried mangoes and milk chocolates as requested.

I’ll be in the land where definitely I’ll be smiling a lot 😉


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