Is It the Heat?

12 Jun

It’s really getting worse… well, the weather for one. We all know that it’s the global warming. Aside from being unpredictable, the heat is really getting into each and everyone. Just like today, the heat is unbearable…

Humans mostly can bear the heat at some point but the machines, the breakdown… give in. KABLAM! Just like that.

(Did I just said “kablam”? Oh my goodness…)

I have been wearing a bandana for the past days. As a proof…

I look like a woman about to wash clothes by the river (God knows I wanted to wear a tapis in this heat!). Well, for those who don’t have any idea what I am talking about, there was a time in our history that women wash clothes by the river captured by Philippine National Artist Amorsolo. Back then, the rivers are all clear and “clean”. I wear bandana, the first bandana-wearing situation that is not for an outdoor activity, to keep my hair away from my face. And somehow it relieves heat in one way or another.

So, what can be ANOTHER way to contradict the heat?

Listen to Frank Sinatra’s Let It Snow song! (Other renditions may apply)

Unfortunately, I can’t embed the tune. Funny as it may be, but yes, I’m listening to it continuously in other renditions and my teammates are laughing out loud… one is even asking for her early Christmas gift 😛

Psyching oneself… dreaming of that cold place. Can you blame me if I somehow go back in time and imagine myself again in this setup?…

I’m full-clothed for the cold weather there, if it’s only possible to unclothed for the heat, but of course, it’s not the Adam and Eve time that one can run around naked without shame. But if the heat continues this way, I won’t be surprised if that biblical time would be back in fashion, minus the Eden of luscious greens. If earth or I myself will still be alive if that comes…

I pray that my ever dependable iMac would stand the heat and won’t breakdown. (please, please, please…)

So is it the heat? Hallucinations are caused by heat. Well, can you consider this situation SEMI-hallucination?

Wish I can submerge myself in a pile of snow to cool myself… just like this…

(that’s my niece, Noelle, playing with me…)

It is indeed the heat.


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