Second Time Around

18 Jun

They always say that love is lovelier the second time around… can that saying be also applied to a place you fell in love with?

Tonight is my flight to Bangkok. The city I fell in love the first time I’ve been there. I’m excited and at the same time scared as mentioned in one of my previous entry. While I was in the cab off to the airport, I don’t feel well that as if I have some morning sickness, like I want to vomit. And my stomach was somewhat contracting when I saw the lights of NAIA.

Why am I having the jitters when it’s my second time in the land of smiles? I don’t recall having the same feeling during my first trip there. Perhaps it’s what happening today that really quite affected me. I had to finish some projects before I leave for Bangkok and concentrate most of my energy and strength there. I even had a few burst of kasungitan that my team got affected. Me being Miss Minchin again 😦 Good thing we are all ok before I went to the airport.

Haaayyy… what pressure can do to a person. It builds you or eats you up…

*whispers to self* Lord, please make things better. Give me a clear mind to be alert, think things with preciseness and physical strength to endure and cope with the challenges that may come our way. Thank you.

Now my flight is being called. I guess we are about to board in a few minutes. Next entry, I’ll be breathing Bangkok air Ü

Land of Smiles, get ready for Batgirl 😉

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Posted by on June 18, 2008 in Realizations, Travels and Getaways


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