I Almost Missed This One…

01 Jul

Repeating a post of this strip because…

I dedicate this comic strip to my dear friend Gian and (again) to my kumpareng Myles… as the Charlie Brown(s).

May your Lucy(s) be happy in making you miserable or hurting you, BUT may their conscience bombard them one way or another.

As another person said… “Ang karma ngayon, FedEx na. Door to door delivery, may next day service pa!” Well, the Lucy(s) karma might not be bestowed upon tomorrow on them but surely it will come.

And as I remind you and myself as well…

Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Remind yourself you are the Charlie Browns and who are the Lucys:

Charlie Brown is the lead star of the Peanuts comic strip. And in every movie, strip or story, if there’s a lead there’s the villain, kontrabida or simply put, those who wanted the spotlight to be theirs. They are the pa-cute, papansin, the pathetic, the frustrated lead star.

Imagine, you are the Charlie Brown, lead role bestowed on you because of your character and the Lucys, well, will always be the same as they are created to highlight more of your character 😉

Go, Charlie Browns!!!

That’s life… in a comic strip 😉


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