Rainy Days (Even It’s Not Monday)

16 Jul

I never had a deep sleep since I can recall when was the last one. I just had one tonight. It felt short but I feel well-rested. I snoozed my alrm on my mobile phone a couple of times stealing a few more minutes to cuddle in my sofa bed, hugging my cool pillow.

It was raining since last night. Wow.

Today should be our last day of work for the week. Yesterday afternoon, we purchased our bus ticket for our team’s vacation after 5 years of work. Tonight we leave and have our deserved break.

Well, rain or shine we will push through with the trip. I’ve packed my stuff last night and like in any otherout of town trip I had, I always go for 2 luggages: 1 for my clothes and 1 for my gadgets: Biggie my mighty Powerbook, my Canon G5 and other stuff that I think I might need.

Still raining outside. I have a few errands to make before I go to work then from there we head off straight to the bus station.

This is it. Yeah!

Rain never stops. Hope that won’t stop us from our long-awaited vacation. It WON’T stop us. There’s a big chance that the weather here in Manila is the same as to where we are heading. May it be just hanging out in our rooms, watch downloaded TV series till my head ached and my eyes popped out or just sleep the whole day till my back hurts, I’m still up for it. Even if it will be that way, I’m just glad we are NOT in Manila for a few days.

See you in a few days… when I get back online 😉


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