31 Aug


That’s what I feel up to now about the reunion concert last night of the Eheads. But stil, thank goodness I had the chance to be there even though my neck hurt from looking up, arms a bit sore from stretching them to its fullest and trying to keep my camera steady at the same time and lower back aching from standing, waiting for them for hours.

And all of those… it was all worth it.

I’m a fan of the Eraserheads. I’ve been hearing them way back in my Senior days in high school (take note: at an all-girls school, mind you!) but became a fan when I set foot to college: UP Diliman, College of Fine Arts circa 1995. That’s where it started it all.

Took me more than a decade to see them again.

Last night was their much awaited reunion after breaking up for some money issues as being buzzed around. This reunion concert alsmost didn’t make it for some government agency stopped this major cigarette company to sponsor the event. But perhaps fans did pray hard and granted some luck that the event stil pushed through I guess with a little magic at the side.

Honestly, instead of feeling old last night I felt 12 years younger. Really. Eheads is definitely part of my youth, my “growing up” years… or more than that my FREEDOM years. Eheads is equivalent to my college days and they are part of me experiencing the world outside my protected and comfort zone. I remember seeing them for the very first time during their Cutterpillow concert at the UP Sunken Garden. Back then, in order to watch the concert you have to buy their album. I got a tape of Cutterpillow plus 2 tickets. Thanks to this guy with me…



Justin Lucas Reyes: the first guy to come in my mind everytime Eheads will be talked about. More known as plain J. If I’m a fan, he is the major ultimate Eheads fan. If not for this guy I won’t be a convert fan. He bought my the tape back in college and along with our other Fine Arts classmates and friends we all watched the Cutterpillow concert together Ü

And last night we watched it together again. Sort of a reunion too. But this time, he’s with his fiancé Cat (who finally we’ve met! Yey!) along with J’s siblings and me with this gorgeousness…


Jose Santos Ardivilla: still my VBF, and a batchmate in UP too but back then in the Eheads days we are not quite acquianted yet 😉 If not for Jose too, I won’t be able to watch the Eheads reunion. The ever gorgeousness Jose got 2 VIP pass from Mrs. Earnest Zabala (Buddy, the Eheads bassists beloved half). Jose and Earnest happened to be friends. And Jose knowing that his VGF (that’s me!) is a fan, well, might have known that if he didn’t choose me among his thousands of friends would lead to World War III! Kidding. Hihihi.

Thanks to Jose aka Sir Chong *hugs and kisses* And to Mrs. Earnest Zabala, if you happen to read this, thank you for remembering Chong Ü Hope you got the shirts that J made just for this Eheads reunion Ü

Speaking of shirts and Eheads reunion…

This is us wearing the shirts. Designed by J… Eheads fan or you just wanted to have one of your own go visit and it will lead you to the site where to avail one. (Nice ng colors namin all together ‘noh?)

Going back to my intro of why it’s “bitin”… come half time break of the concert, Jose and I had to go for Jose isn’t feeling well. Heading to find thrench our thirst and unleash the liquids of our gall bladder, we got out of the venue and saw more fans outside of different economic bracket. More of the “masa” that the Eheads sang and dedicated one of their latter popular song “Para sa Masa” circa 1999. They sat outside the Bonifacio Open Field and just listened to the bands voices.

We found temporary relief at Figaro café in High Street. While Jose and I wait for our orders of drinks and food, I noticed quite a lot of people coming from one direction. It was about more than 30 minutes since we left the concert area. 2 ladies sat and waited beside our table and overheard the other talking on her phone. Eavesdropping I heard that they came from the concert as well. From them we found out that the band wasn’t able to play their 2nd set after the break and after we took off.

Ely Buendia, the lead singer had a breakdown backstage.

Ely who had more than one heart surgery last year and his mom just died a couple of days before the much awaited reunion concert would have felt the stress, both emotionally and physically and his body gave up.

Even though I find that the band felt unease to each other playing there on stage, they are not the same hyped up, energized Eheads I saw for the 1st time at their cutterpillow concert in UP Sunken Garden more than a decade ago, I’m just glad that they were together even though it was costly for some people. Their reunion marked my life again. The Eheads Reunion Concert at the Bonifacio Open Fields was cut short and with sadness that Ely was hospitalized. And while I write this entry of mine, it was in the news that Ely was transferred to Philippine Heart Center. I hope he’d recover.

Despite the cut short concert, it was amazing. I can say I was there when the pop Pinoy rock icon of the 90’s reunited. I was there thanks to Jose. It was a double reunion: first, of the Eheads and secondly, my reunion with J, my college Eheads buddy and ultimate fan and friend. I finally met J’s fiancé, Cat which by the way, the couple’s life story I sort of knew from the start. (I’ll save the details in another blog entry perhaps).

My writing skill might be poor. I feel that I’ve been talking in circles. It’s just obvious that I am just a fan who’s trying to relay how it feels but then again it boils down to one…

The Eraserheads Reunion Concert, 30 August 2008 at the Bonifacio Open Fields… bitin, yet remarkable… still a blast for me… an Eheads fan Ü

Sharing a few faves pics I got from the concert:

Fireworks on stage…


Ely Buendia showed with sparks…


Might not see them together again… And it’s my only pic of Raimund Marasigan. It’s hard to capture him specially when he’s located exactly behind Ely Buendia.


Buddy Zabala doing some backup voice…


Marcus Adoro


Laser lights!!!


If you’d like to see more photos and some video clips I got from the concert, visit my multiply site here.



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