Awkward and Strange

02 Sep

This morning could have been just one of those regular Tuesday mornings wherein I pull myself up to prep for our weekly usual client meetings. But it was not one of those mornings. I felt uneasy.

I had a dream last night. Vivid. Graphic. Dramatic? I seldom remember my dreams when I woke up. Nor have I been having dreams lately. That’s why perhaps the one I had last night was quite “unusual”.

Have you ever had dreams that you can control? Or tried to get back to sleep and tried to continue the dream? Well, partly I was able to control my dream but unfortunately I wasn’t able to continue it after being awakened by my alarm clock. I have to admit that I was “kilig” of a certain part of my dream. More of hopeful, I guess. Partly shocked and somehow able to “control” it at a certain point. Perhaps I was still aware and didn’t give in.

It was almost true. The sensation. The feeling. I even remember the lines we exchanged as if it was scripted or rehearsed. But it seems so real.

But it wasn’t.

I was conscious during a dream? Is that even possible?

I wish I can relay it in full detail but due to “personal preservation” I have to restrict myself.

It gave me a good feeling at first. Making me smile in my mind. But that happy smile was replaced by uneasiness. I felt uncomfortable. The feeling became unpleasant. Because in a non-dream world it was inappropriate.  And up till tonight, I still feel embarrassed.

Gahd. I can’t forget his angelic face.

Is my subconsciousness overtaking me? Manifesting what is being denied or hindered in my conscious state is now being set off in my sleep.

A few minutes of perhaps being lifted in heaven but then again, I think I’m now being burned in hell.

Am I guilty?

Shit. I think I am…


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3 responses to “Awkward and Strange

  1. kulotz

    September 4, 2008 at 3:16 am

    That was creepy, dude…. >.<

    Did you feel exhausted when you woke up? ……..”paranormal????” haha!

  2. eksenadora

    October 9, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    uhm…actually…i think we share the same problem…i also had an “unusual” dream last night. And guess what, it was about my first ever crush! (my highschool classmate and for more than 4 years…we never had the chance to see each other…no communications…)…In my dream…we were chatting like lovers…whaaaaah!!!! em so kilig..hahah…and the best thing was…he gave his cp number to me!(it’s still in my dream of course)..I didn’t forget the number…i tried to txt it the moment i woke up…but…to my’s not working…damned dream! …it juz raised my hopes too high… now i’m hoping that he’s my soulmate!…huhuh..i know it’s not true…

  3. Nemcy

    October 16, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    weird. but at some point we are hopeful, right? perhaps it’s telling us something. or perhaps our subconscious is playing some trick on us :p but trick or not, the “kilig” factor i guess is unforgettable 😉

    let’s make the most out of it, eksenadora? whatdyathink? Ü


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