An Island to Ourselves

07 Sep

The title sounded like a movie or a book title of either a love-drama story or some fiction thriller theme.

Well, it’s obviously not. Just my attempt to catch your attention to read or at least browse through this blog entry of mine that’s been weeks delayed from being posted since the event happened.

This post has been long overdued. Either I can’t find or compose the right statement or simply I was too lazy to make one. But all the same, it’s here, late or not, will just let the photos tell you how the team of House of Myles had a blast in our much awaited vacation.

I always call my shots of sunlight pushing it’s way through the clouds as “grace shots”… waves… and the island we are about to conquer then…


The beach totally to ourselves… at the horizon is the island we are to conquer…


Aileen got whammed! And still at her best and having fun


The boat that will bring us to the island


Off to the island with the team… and Engr. Marvin (the official engineer in the house!)


A few pics when we got there…

Surf’s up?


Rio on boogie board… clear waters…


One of my fave shots… thanks to our bosing and photographer too, Myles


The island’s whole stretch from its tail

Oh, yeah. We did had the island to ourselves… for just a couple of hours, because we have other plans that day after that 😉

Can’t wait to have a chance to go back there. Definitely I’ll have lots of sunblock then and will go for a dip as well… Ü


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