Weird Dreams

10 Sep

Here they were… again.

I’m wondering now why I’ve been having these dreams of seeing old acquiantances from my past mixing up with the people I am with lately.

They say in dreams are far more better than being hopeful when awake. Hmmm… in an explanation of my friend, he told me that in dreams you get to touch or feel someone or soemthing that perhaps in reality you can’t.

Well, he has a point.

In dreams too, it’s the chance perhaps of our subconscious to work or be alive. Those we don’t realize consciously and even those we “deny” when wide-awake comes to life during dreams.

That part, sort of, well.. freaks me out.

Perhaps that’s why I’m havign those dreams of encountering and having some interaction with this people. Some events in my dreams freaks me out. Some makes me feel good and remarkable after, that silly smile on my face the whole day. But some leaves that big question mark on my forehead (figuratively speaking, of course) and awkwardness when I wake up.

Perhaps my subconscious is breaking free.

And we all know, sleep in the cheapest way to escape reality.

It’s nice too that at times when I dream, I get to somehow control it. Just like last night’s. The sad part was, I don’t get to know exactly who those two guys were. But during the dream, I felt that I was the most beautiful person there. The odd part was, they minggled with people currently I’m with and the past ones I’ve had acquiantance with. And they all know each other.

The two guys, they know each other. They know me. They know the other people in the dream. It’s like we are in a beach resort with indoor pool and yet it’s sort of a school as well. Weird.

I know everyone I see in the dream and evryone that I interact with… except this two guys. The two most important characters… argh! That’s what I hate.

Two men trying to get my attention? HA! In real life that would be fictional!

Wish I can just sleep all day today. But, ironically, I have to make a “living”.

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Posted by on September 10, 2008 in Realizations


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One response to “Weird Dreams

  1. Fitch

    September 10, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    I’ve had dreams about people from my past … people I haven’t seen in a REALLY REALLY long time. And you’re right – it’s so strange for someone you haven’t talked to in years to suddenly pop up in one of your dreams. What does it mean?


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