Lowest Point

03 Oct

Today has been my lowest point of my life: financially. A few days ago was just my pay day. My salary just passed my hand and I still owe a couple of thousands for my rent.

This happens once in awhile. But I get by. Perhaps that’s why I consider myself living on the edge, literally. If not for some people who didn’t do what they promised like this publisher promising to deposit their payment for this book cover illustration I did for them. I had to pick them up tonight.

I want to get mad but I can’t. I want to cry but I know tears won’t turn to gold anything substantial that can be converted to monetary.

Today I checked my wallet and coin purse to see if my money there would be enough even as for my transportation to the bank and to my work… I won’t even make it to the gates of our office…


Then I remembered saving this hundred peso bill with a UP Centennial logo printed on it. I saved that for keeping: as a remembrance that I was alive when my university reached it’s 100th year. Now, in desperation I have to use it.

Today is the lowest point I can ever have been… and wish this will be the last.

Thanks to friends who supports (and let me money). But I have to stick to my word to pay them when I told them so. I have to keep my word. Lesson learned the hard way, NEVER depend on others who from the start you have a gut feel is not to be trusted. Work will be work but really, believe me, some are old but seemed to have never learned from the years they’ve been living.

If tonight that person won’t still give my payment, they will be sorry for ever working with me. They may not be to work with other illustrators again.

I wish I’ll get by at this situation. This too shall pass… I hope. It’s my birthday month, not quite a nice way for a start 😦


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2 responses to “Lowest Point

  1. Myles

    October 13, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    It is when you are on your lowest point where you notice the smallest things in life. Being in that place forces you to think, it tests your will and conviction. Will you quit? Will you go on? Savor it. We have been through that moment not just once and every time it happens, we were always provided for. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

    We chose the road less travelled and it’s not gonna be easy. Someday we will reach our goal (I hope you still believe there is one) but the road will be very rough. One thing Ria and I can promise you: We will never leave you.

    “Things were always gonna have to get worse before they got better.” – Alfred Pennyworth

  2. Nemcy

    October 16, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    Thanks, Myles… what else can I say. I know you and Ria are one of the few friends that I’ll have and cherish. Extend my love to Mommy Ria and the kids of course Ü


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