To Blog or Not to Blog…

12 Oct

Well, I miss blogging.. really. I have lots in mind but I’m really having a hard time putting all of it into words until (again) I’ve lost the interest or the urge of posting or writing about it 😦 Time. It’s also a problem. I have my hands quite full lately. And yet, (again) it seems I have no heart and urge of moving. I think I’m about to be burned out? I guess. But one thing is for sure, unlike before, I don’t have the same feelings for “things” any more. Excitement seemed to have been overused. The fire has been put out. Now, how do you rekindle that “fire” inside of me? Hmmm… Do what you want to do. Do what might make you happy. Cutting, constructing, building… from boards/paper? Well, exploring the diecut and dieline world with the help of Google, I jumped from one site to another and found some new toys to make… One is Paperboxworld and the other one is… hmmmm… I’m sorry for that one site that I loved but forgot to bookmark it here in my Mac 😦 I promise I will feature you to make it up for you. Here’s a picture of some of the toys I made before I hand it over to my goddaughters, Milan and Audrey:

Among the pig and cow, I made the cat and the dog as well. Wasn’t able to take pictures of it though. But the kids loved it Ü Cutting boxes and constructing them gives me that “good” feeling. And while continuing to explore that world through the net, I stumbled it in another site (which I have to look for it again and acknowledge it Ü)…

I’d like to have these toys and the shelves for display. Perhaps if I have a place to flaunt my “babies” like trophies I’d be encouraged and inspired. But for now, I’d be just looking at this picture… for the meantime, I got this: Sketched with the used of Wacom Bamboo (borrowed from my bosing Myles) in Adobe Photoshop. It’s my first digitally sketched elephant Ü Oh well… life goes on… That’s all for now, folks.

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