Small Yet (Surprisingly) Incredible

09 Nov

Greatness comes in various shapes and sizes. Well, this great thing that happened just last week to me was, well…  small in size.

Call it a surprise to me and my other teammates. Our bosing Myles and boss chief Mommy Ria just gave us our Christmas gift aka bonus…

Yup. It’s the 3rd gen of iPod Nano.

Another Apple gadget for moi. Hehehe.

Too bad no one was able to document how I reacted that Tuesday night…

Again, Bosing Myles and Mommy Ria… from the bottom of my heart… thank you! THANK YOU! *mwuah*

Guys, I present to you… Bluwee! Ü

That’s my NEW iPod 3rd gen Blue Nano (now, you know why I instantly called it Bluwee)… beside my handy dandy and still sturdy iPod Mini. It’s a “classic” literally. I consider the Mini being the grand daddy of the Nanos…

Closest friends knew that purple is the color that I love. Blue was the closest to purple that’s why it was chosen for me, according to Myles and Ria. And on Bluwee’s 3rd day in my possesion, I noticed that somehow, fate was really pulling some force that blue was almost for me. How did I end up to that realization? The evidence….

Bluwee being charged on my work iMac unit:
– on top of my blue working table
– with my blue UN mouse pad
– beside my blue elephant pen (btw, I loooove elephants)
– and with this new product that will soon be out in the market that we designed with green and blue packaging, Holy Seat Toilet Seat Sanitizer


Well, happiness comes in different ways. And great things do come in small packages… perhaps, we’ve been good this whole year that’s why good karma’s with us Ü

Now it’s time to enjoy the gifts…

Guys, let’s Apple-lize! 😉


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2 responses to “Small Yet (Surprisingly) Incredible

  1. bunnylette

    November 18, 2008 at 2:47 am

    ang saya naman! congrats on the bonus!!

  2. Nemcy

    November 18, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    thanks, bunnylette Ü


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