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First and Last…

… that pertains to my entry here for the month… and for the year as well.

I have been quite busy this month. Tired at most days and sleep and rest have been gold to me. There are also some ups and downs but all the same, here I am still hoping for a brighter and more successful 2009.

A quick recap… the highlights of my December:

BALIKBAYANS: My brother Kuya Nahnel came home with his family, Ate Vangie  his wife and Noelle my niece. They came in in the last days of November and are celebrating Christmas and New Year with us. YEHEY! More gatherings ahead of us 😉

UP Admin during the Lantern Parade 2008

UP Admin during the Lantern Parade 2008

LANTERN PARADE: UP Diliman’s Centennial Lantern Parade was held last Dec. 17, Wednesday. Since I graduated, I can’t recall if I ever witnessed this event. It was one of the highlights of my college life as a student of UP College of Fine Arts, I have participated almost every year in this event. Thanks to my friends Jason Moss and Rai Paladin, who dragged my ass off my seat and witnessed the Lantern Parade on UP’s 100th year.

It was remarkable. I’m glad I was there to see it. The floats specially of that from my college which the theme this year is “Karnibal” (Carnival in English). Aside from the UP CFA which has always been much awaited by everyone, the org UP Babaylan stole the attention of everyone with the alluring angels and the culminating of the event, the fireworks display that lasted for I think 10 minutes.

Foolish of me to accidentally erased my video capture of the fireworks display 😦

Me and My Fellow Angels, Rio and Aileen during the Masquerade Christmas Party

Me and My Fellow Angels, Rio and Aileen during the Masquerade Christmas Party

MASQUERADE CHRISTMAS PARTY: We attended our biggest client which was themed this year as “Masquerade”. I almost didn’t make this event due to some personal battles but thankfully enough, if not for my supporting teammates and friends I might have stayed in my place, lock myself in my room and sleep the night away. But with a different team concept, plus a few blisters on my feet, I won the best costume for the night 😉

I got a black Nine West Handbag… NICE 😀 plus got lucky in prize/gift draw, I got a Casio quartz watch Ü

My Christmas Tree with envelopes = Money Tree ;)

Our Christmas Tree with envelopes

CHRISTMAS DAY: It has been a tradition that we spent this day with our family and in our place in Bulacan. Friends and relatives come and visit us there, exchange gifts and share meals together. Since last year, we started a new tradition of making our tree the “Money Tree”. Kids and adults alike have the chance to pick an envelop, try their luck on what the envelop holds for them 😉 But this year, since my brother is here he sponsored the Money Tree Ü I got the 2nd lowest amounting to Php 5.00 and a distant cousin bagged the grand prize of Php 1,000.00

CRUZES FAMILY DAY: Our clan since we are almost complete [Tatay was left alone in New Jersey :(] had a chance to bond and spend time together. In the morning, the kids and well, most of the adults enjoyed their swimming time in a clubhouse in Sta. Elena, Laguna. Later, we went around and checked the animals in Fun Farm in the same area. We had our funny and wacky clan picture and then head for the nearest gasoline station/stop for dinner.

Sharing more photos, visit my Multiply site here.


Well, the day (and year) is almost over. 2008 is not bad at all. There had been challenges but gladly I was able to surpass it. As they say, wht doesn’t kill you wil make you stronger 😉 All’s a test and perhaps to prepare me for more to come. Feng shui and astrology says 2009 as will be a good year for me as born on a Fire Snake year.

Looking forward to life’s progress…

Life can be better and it could be worse as one of my friends mentioned in his blog. But let me add to that thought, that life may it be good or bad, life is what you make it 😉

God bless and good luck to everyone…

Happy New Year to you all! Cheers!

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