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Epitome of Love

Today I took a half day from work. Today is not a perfect day nor a day that I expected on how it would start or end. I’ve encountered issues as the day went along but it was all worth it before the day dawned.

Today, among the other few chances I’m thankful for and very happy for a friend named J. Today, I know and all his friends know that he IS the happiest person. Today, he is not just a best friend or a companion, but a husband to Cat. He is now the other “half” of Cat.

Today, J and Cat became one Ü

J and I were classmates way back in college (UPCFA) and are Eheads buddies from the band’s concert Cutterpillow in the UP Sunken Garden up until the bands reunion concert last year. It was J who told me how to get the tickets by buying the Cutterpilow cassette tape (yup folks, CDs were golden then). He bought my copy then and gave me 2 tickets of the Cutterpillow concert. We watched the concert together with some of our classmates. We were freshmen then. As we “grew up” in those days, there had been gaps and we lost in touch. But once in awhile we had a chance to chat and have a good talk later after each had graduated and chose paths to take. We tried to catch up and knew the “highlights” of each lives. I guess we have that friednship that’s not obligatory but we both knew that we have each others backs.

And J met Cat… known the details shared by the very happy and excited J. I had a feeling that Cat will be the one for J. I’ve never recalled J being that happy. Even though I’ve learned that through our lengthy of YM chats in the wee hours of the night (was in NJ then and J’s here in Manila), I felt J’s delights.

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Bauzon-Arre

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Bauzon-Arre

And tonight, they’re united. Love and happiness is visible and felt from the guests and most specially from the couple. I’ve never seen J that happy. Happier… that the time we’ve met after I came back and he then tells me the stories personally Ü

I had fun tonight. I enjoyed watching the couple. Had fun seeing old faces and meeting new friends. Had fun cam whoring… thanks to Cynthia Bauzon-Arre and Gari Buenavista.

I am very happy for J and Cat. I can’t put into words how exactly was it. I was glad I was there to witness it. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a “face” of love. Love does have a face. I can perhaps say that I have seen it, with trust and happiness very much embodied through J and Cat.

Tonight love is undeniably radiated from within. From the hearts of J and Cat. Both are so comfortable and cherishing, enjoying and living every minute of tonight’s event. From my point of view all is PERFECT.

To J and Cat, cheers. Congratulations and best wishes. May God shower you both with more love and blessings. Take good care of each other. Argue but don’t forget to settle it before going to sleep. Talk and communicate your feelings, what’s in your mind. Live and love more. Can’t wait to see little J’s and little Cat’s running around… 😉

Despite being late and missing the best part of a wedding (the church ceremony) and got irritated by the MMDA “encounter” in that EDSA-Buendia area, I’m very glad and very happy I was able to witness the other half of J and Cat’s wedding. I was there to see and be part of the most memorable event of their life. Thanks and love you both, J and Cat!


Photo courtesy of Nelwin Uy

Photo courtesy of Nelwin Uy


The Second Choice

I have been bitten by vampires…

…well, just the craze. Of course. By 2 famous vampire stories of the previous year: the book saga turned into not quite enticing movie, “Twilight” and HBO’s TV series “True Blood”.

The “mature” kind of vampire from “True Blood” HBO series had been running in my head the past months. Mature in the sense because it has scenes of naked humans and vampires doing their sexual urges or as termed by a colleague, had given into their animalistic instincts. Too bad it’s over and I have to wait for quite sometime until the air the second season. With its sex and blood visual content, I realy doubt if HBO Asia will be airing it. It will be such a “duh” if they cut the scenes and sensor it. (Thank God for Torrents!)

Twilight Saga Book 2

With the other craze, the supposedly created for teens vampire story, “Twilight”, I’m trying to not to bash it’s movie version. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’ve read the book first before watching it. I know it’s really a challenge because imagination is quite personal and subjective.Each person who’ve read it will have a different visualization of a scene, even the characters.

But anyhow, the saga really made me go back into reading again. That was the best part I guess.

Admittedly, I have indeed jumped on the bandwagon. But being influenced for the “in” thing, I’m still quite a latebloomer.

I just finished reading the second book of the saga: New Moon. It was quite dragging and boring compared to the first one. I don’t know, perhaps because not much of “kilig” that I got from Edward in the first book. But even though, it’s not as that “kilig” it still has this urge for a reader to finish it and know how it will end. But the main reason for me writing here in my blog or even risking myself of being late in going to work (yes, I’m writing my blog in my place…) is because of something I can’t get off my head…

Jacob Black.

I shared this thought after filling my growling stomach and composing myself from just a 3-hours of sleep while talking with my friend Aileen who had already finished reading the book way ahead of me. She beamed instantly the moment I told her I feel for Jacob. She thought so too. She found a pattern of my choices. She said I always choose the “good” ones. At the back of my head I was thinking… the good ones that are always getting beaten up.

I feel for him, for Jake, as Bella addressed him. I mean it would have been Edward, (well, it WAS Edward when I was reading the first book) the main guy in the book would be the aspired prince for me the would bring the “Happily ever after…” But I’m no typical lady. Yes. Like what my friend Aileen mentioned and thought of prior to me finishing the book, I would “fall” for Jacob Black.

I just realized why such characters would steal my heart from those who are usually the “lead” guys. I thought I’d just prefered what the crowd wouldn’t like. I don’t want to be jus tlike them, or totally jump into the wagon. Example, I never drooled over Brad Pitt during my high school years. I like Brendan Frasier back then. In Backstreet Boys, when all goes for Nick Carter I went for Howie Dorough.

But aside from that reason, why would I like a secondary role? Because I felt <u>more</u> for Jacob. He’s not the “flashy” one. He’s not the one who’ll be chosen first. He’s just the one who’s always be there for you, waiting, on stand by. He’s the best friend who’d protect you and do everything for you in his powers. He’s just there loving you in the background and continuously loving you despite the fact you’ll not give back the same kind of love.

And will all those things, he is still NOT the chosen one. He’s not THE one. But he loves you unconditionally. Pure love, I say. PURE love.

And to that, I just thought could be it because Edward left and it was Jacob who came in? I hated being in a situation that’s unsure or being left hanging. I hold some grudges perhaps and can’t forget (or forgive) easily.  I believe I’m not easily persuaded by those who did wrong to me, who hurt me. Perhaps, I’m the practical one now because I’ve been hurt and hopes that the next time around I deserve to be loved and be happy.

And perhaps, I see myself in Jacob Black. The one who’s always there. The one always in the waiting. The second choice… the one not chosen.

“He was my best friend. I would always love him, and it would never, ever be enough.” – Bella in the book, New Moon

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A Different New Year

First things first, it was the quietest new year ever. Not just from my experience but from the memory of my Nanay also. It was the celebration of welcoming 2009 with less noise and fireworks ever used. And somehow, I’m glad for that.

Thanks to the rainy weather.

But the whole area was foggy, or rather more smoky. Guess the smoke had a hard time rising up due to the cool environment. Change of weather, change of ways to welcome new year… is it that odd? For me it wasn’t. All has its explanation.

Global warning. Weather. Economics.

And with such smoky and rainy night, I was able to capture my best fireworks photo within our yard…This one’s my fave!

… well, I have a few more in my Multiply site but if it’s the fireworks in the sky you are looking for, I was just lucky to capture quite a handful 😦

Not bad for the start of 2009 for me, eh? 😉

I wonder, what 2009 will bring to me. What changes and what surprises will come my way?


But for sure, I need to introduce myself to lotion. (I hope I’ll finally put that as a habit) Skin’s getting dry specially after doing the washing chores 😦

Anyway, ending this first entry of the year with a Garfield strip I screen copied. Acknowledging the great works of Jim Davis…

Happy New Year everyone… cheers to 2009! Ü

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