A Different New Year

01 Jan

First things first, it was the quietest new year ever. Not just from my experience but from the memory of my Nanay also. It was the celebration of welcoming 2009 with less noise and fireworks ever used. And somehow, I’m glad for that.

Thanks to the rainy weather.

But the whole area was foggy, or rather more smoky. Guess the smoke had a hard time rising up due to the cool environment. Change of weather, change of ways to welcome new year… is it that odd? For me it wasn’t. All has its explanation.

Global warning. Weather. Economics.

And with such smoky and rainy night, I was able to capture my best fireworks photo within our yard…This one’s my fave!

… well, I have a few more in my Multiply site but if it’s the fireworks in the sky you are looking for, I was just lucky to capture quite a handful 😦

Not bad for the start of 2009 for me, eh? 😉

I wonder, what 2009 will bring to me. What changes and what surprises will come my way?


But for sure, I need to introduce myself to lotion. (I hope I’ll finally put that as a habit) Skin’s getting dry specially after doing the washing chores 😦

Anyway, ending this first entry of the year with a Garfield strip I screen copied. Acknowledging the great works of Jim Davis…

Happy New Year everyone… cheers to 2009! Ü

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