06 May

Could I say that God is giving me a chance to somehow re-new my existing life?

Today I got back my Biggie (that’s my the name of my Powerbook) from the Mac “hospital”. It’s been there for more than 2 weeks after I just gave up on me. It didn’t boot up properly after I used Biggie as a target disk when transferring some files from my office iMac. Of course, prior to the decision of sending Biggie “away”, I did some run throughs. The usual: disk utility, disk permissions and even an attempt to re-install and archive the OS. But no luck. Biggie still won;t boot up, until it flashes a folder with a flashing question mark on it.


The eve before I handed over Biggie to the technician, I knew that there’s a big possibility that I might have lost my files. The weird part was I was calm, as if I’ve accepted my fate. And true it was, ALL files are gone. Photos I may have backed up somewhere out there in separate CDs but the documents, the written thoughts, letters, movie or clip files, music files, setups, address books and the like, all gone. I still shed a few tears learning my files fate. Silently. I tried to hide it with some laughs from shared jokes with my colleagues but it was a failure.

So, here I am. Starting all over again I guess. I was lucky to find some folders in my office iMac that could have been a duplicate of the photo files I organized in Biggie. but we all know the hassle and how time consuming re-installing not just applications but the settings and sorting files you knew was already sorted before.

A new life? Could it be? I tried to see it that way. But what kind of life other than the one I have before, I have compiled and lived with before would I make, take and create now?

So many things to do…

Biggie the Mighty, my Powerbooks full name will not called that way anymore for starters. From this day on, my Powerbook will be named, Hughie.

Yeah, yeah… it’s because of the Wolverine movie thing and Mr. Jackman himself. What? Can’t this little old lady have a few fantasies with just even playing with names? 😉

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine


Oh, I would like to thank my friend, Gou-dess for the name suggestion. Originally, she suggested Hughie Beybi but i was too much…. just went for the first name :p

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