An Unexpected Encounter With A Premium Mint

30 May

After our lunch a few days back from our weekly client meeting, we went to Froyo for some yogurt fix. It’s not that far from our client’s office which is in front of Office Warehouse in Tomas Morato. So, as Aileen was ordering her yogurt ice cream, and I was still deciding if I’ll be getting one for myself, this was in front of me at the counter top area…



What were eye-catching was not that huge “MINTS” word down below the countertop display but the mints brand name’s ORALFIXATION and its logo.

Honestly, something else came into my “green mind”… hehehe. I guess working on Erektus for some time and doing some Bliss’ Thai and Vietnamese materials have something to do with it. That was my “primary” thoughts. Alpha Mints came second. Well, using these premium mints that was in front of me for a peg, I mean.

So, why do we say this ORALFIXATION Mints are “premium”?

1) Its packaging: thin metal containers, shrinkwrapped

2) Marketing/Structural presentation: Countertop display is made of metal (in relation to its tin can feel) and is CLEANLY impressive

3) Price: It’s Php 160.00

So, bye-bye yogurt for me (I got more excited with the mints and forgot about the yogurt) and hello ORALFIXATION Ü Bought all 3 that were available there and here are the photos we are sharing…


From L-R: ORALFIXATION “Classical Peppermint”, ORALFIXATION “Antioximints” (Green Tea Mints) and ORALFIXATION “Mojito Mint” (Lime Mint Cocktails)


“Sugar Free” marking is printed on the shrinkwrap and not on the tin can


ORALFIXATION “Classical Peppermint” has a wax or parchment paper placed inside the sliding tin can, on top of the mints. Prints are notes on a musical sheet (“classical” nga naman daw).


Notice the markings on each sides of the mint? The word “FIX” and a G-clef icon on the other side


Back label of the tin can (“Classical Peppermint”).

Check the top part: Compose Yourself

(Compose = Music = Classical)


ORALFIXATION “Antioximints” (Green Tea Mints) has a wax or parchment paper placed inside the sliding tin can, on top of the mints. Printed on it is a old Chinese man (old = wise) with a description about tea.


The markings on each sides of the mint: “FIX” and on the other side, a Chinese character same as one of those characters printed in front of the tin can. My guess is either it means “TEA” or perhaps “MINT”.


Back label of the tin can (“Antioximints” Green Tea Mints).

Check the top part: Eat for Life

(Antioxidants or was it the green tea extracts that claims that it’s good for our health?)


ORALFIXATION “Mojito Mint” (Lime Mint Cocktails) has a wax or parchment paper too that placed inside the sliding tin can, on top of the mints. Printed on it is an image of a bartender (pero he doesn’t look friendly) with seemed to be words of a person ordering a cocktail mix.

(Make me a stiff one = strong drink)


The markings on each sides of the mint: “FIX” and on the other side, just a star… still wondering what the star means in connection to this mint variant.


Back label of the tin can “Mojito Mint” (Lime Mint Cocktails). Check the top part: Join The Party

Taste: Well, they are mints. But somehow there are some distinction.

Classical may be plain mint but the strongest and the most distinct of the 3 mints tasted.

Green Tea quite thin and plain on the minty side, not as strong as classical and couldn’t tell the tea part taste of it

Mojito Mint – well, minty and little on the lime flavor, ummm… where’s the “stiff” drink part of it?

Checked out their website and found out that they have a lot of variants. Nice packaging design for distinction. I believe it’s for “collecting”. Personally, I’m willing to spend that much for such collection 😉 Well, I’m not part of the ordinary consumer anymore but for curiosity on the flavor, uniqueness and packaging I’ll be biting this product and would probably recommend it 😉

Oh, and I’m keeping the tin cans after. even before buying it, I’m already thinking of what other ways I can reuse the container Ü I might refill it with other stuff, like cheaper mints or folded paper bills or anything else that can fit inside. Recycling to help Mother Earth 😉

That’s the tale of our unexpected encounter of a premium mint named ORALFIXATION 😉


By the way, their countertop display is attractive too though the brand name is not properly placed. (Didn’t the designer compute?) Should be a bit higher to be visible and more readable 😉


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3 responses to “An Unexpected Encounter With A Premium Mint

  1. m4k2004

    June 15, 2009 at 12:03 am

    Well now I am fixated on these mints. Ha! Must go to their website and see if they are available in my area 🙂

  2. Herb Fondevilla

    October 3, 2010 at 8:41 am

    man, they’re really pretty! I think I would’ve done the same had I been faced with cute packaging. Pero ang mahal ah… P160!

    The chinese character on the green tea mints read as “cha,” and it means tea. I think the star on the mojito alludes to Fidel Castro and the star on his cap. 😀

  3. Louis

    July 9, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    san nyo po nakita ito?
    anong branch?


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