Today’s The Day (or Night?)

03 Jul

Last day of the week and my last day to work. In a few hours I’ll be bound to the country they call “The Land of Smiles” 😀

Will my arrival there be as crazy and surprised as my last visit there last year? Will there be any different this time around?

Well, for one, my first Thai friend of mine won’t be there to greet me. Ten who has been such a dear friend sort of like little brother to me (but he’s taller than me mind you) is already in New York City at the moment. Had a chance to chat with him awhile ago. He has been “harrassing” me (in a good way) to move my VL to a later date so we can still see each other before he leaves for Sweden. Well, good for him that he has such great travel opportunities lately. He has been an eager beaver for both his NYC and Sweden trip. I’m so happy for him.

But anyway, going back to my vacation, I’ll be missing one enthusiastic and thoughtful friend to greet me with such remarkable smile.

(Ok. I’m sort of high right now that my writing has seemed to be flooded with adjectives and adverbs! Excited and nervous me. Isn’t it obvious?)

Another thing, there’s a 50/50 chance of me not seeing another friend. Well, he WAS sort of special BEFORE. He’s one of Ten’s best friend who took care of me too during my 1st visit in Thailand. Though he did asked for my flight details. Ever since he has his job in Thai Airways he’s been a busy bee. Good for him too. He’s saving up for another trip. If I’m in love with Bangkok, he seemed to be in love with Japan. (Well, he looks like a Japanese guy :p) He did surprise me during my arrival last time. He said he can’t make it but there he was, at the end of the arrival terminal gate in full suit! But being overpowered now by my pessimistic side, I have a feeling I won’t be seeing him. Who wants to bet against my instinct?

I’m just glad I’m having this break. Gian will be there. I missed him too and he’s excited as well that I’m having my vacation there and will visiting and staying with him. A surprise visit to him supposedly that turned out that I got the surprise instead. Well, that’s another story.

Oh well, it still not my official leave yet. I still have a few more projects to submit. Just one last shout out…

Bangkok, here I come!!!



5 in Thai language is “ha”. Thais used that for their chat lingo. Instead of typing “hahaha”, they substitute it with “555”.

I guess I won’t be blending in this time. forgot a lot of basic Thai phrases 😦 No time to relearn them. All I remember were “Sawadee kah” (typed as pronounced) which means “Hello” or a female greeting in Thai, “Khap khun kah” means “Thank you very much” reply by a female speaker and “Mai pen rai” which means “No problem”. Thank God (or Buddha) for Gian who will do the bargaining for me 😉


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