Revisiting Thailand – Day 1

04 Jul

Again for the 3rd time, I’m finally here at Ratchada, Bangkok to be exact. And going back here won’t tire me even though it’s my 3rd time around. The difference this time: I’m a vacationing tourist!

Flight was on time. Philippine airport I came from was the controversial Terminal 3 which I find quite gloomy and dark. Arrived in Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok’s airport) around 11:30PM yesterday (12:30 AM Manila time, Thailand is an hour late in time). Thanks to the movie “Confession of the Shopaholic” converted for my iPod Nano, I was awake most of the trip. It was a longer walk from the terminal’s gate to the Immigration and  luggage area. I didn’t bring out my camera then. I guess I was tired and sleepy to even think about it. No Put (one of Ten’s best friend) around to welcome me this time (ok, I’ll admit it, I was a bit sad and disappointed. But admit it, my instinct was right – AGAIN).

I’m just happy… very happy I’m here in Bangkok already. Happy to see and be with Gian first and definitely, my vacation mode is on!

Anyhow, I had a few hours of sleep. Even though I was lying down already my mind is still wide awake. I guess I’m still excited. But that didn’t stop us from going out. We didn’t waste time.

Gian’s place is now farther from the main road and from a train/subway station compared to the last 2 place. Option was to either ride the motorcycle and pay 10 Baht which was a no-no for me (I still want to enjoy my vacation and go home still in one-piece) or walk. We went for the latter. Besides, it’s a good way to burn calories and have a chat with Gian 😉

Esplanade Mall
Since it was too hot yet to head for Chatujak, we went first to Esplanade Mall, the nearest mall to Ratchada where we had our brunch. My first meal in Bangkok was Japanese. It was my first time to the mall and it wasn’t bad. Not as extravagant and overly impressive as Central World and Siam Paragon, but it was ok. Japanese buffet in Shabu Shi Restaurant was amazing. I’m so stuffed. Too hungry (and lazy) to take pictures. I was hungry then. Hands (and mouth) are full. Well, at least I can now finally say I have that experience of eating in a Japanese with the food choices you have to chase on a moving conveyer in front of you. Too bad and my loss too that I wasn’t able to document the experience 😦

So what’s a perfect thing to do to kill time?

Watch a movie Ü Guess what movie is being shown here in Bangkok?

Its more than a two-thumbs UP!

It's more than a two-thumbs UP!

OH YEAH! I got excited again learning from Gian that the movie “UP” from Pixar and Disney is already being shown in Bangkok. So there we go, we had to watched it. I can now brag to my friends left in the Philippines that I got to watch the movie already. Way ahead of them… hihihi. Ok, I’ll embarrass myself to you dear reader and admit something but I have to say this first: Darn writers. Darn Pixar. You hit me here, in my heart, AGAIN. You made me CRY… huhuhu.

But I recommend you to watch the movie. Just bring some tissue or hanky so you won’t soak your popcorn and make it taste too salty with your tears :p

Finally, I got to experience and see for myself what this market is so famous for. Well, everything and anything seems to be sold here. Alive only on weekends, we really didn’t miss this chance this time. They say it’s the cheapest place to shop in Bangkok but as my friend Gian advised me, still not all sold here are cheap. Some are still cheaper in MBK or in Pratunam.

It was a huge market. Alleys of alleys of stalls to check out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any blouse or whatever for myself but I got shirts with good Thailand iconic designs like elephants and tuktuk as pasalubong for my male family members and friends. Gian got a bonsai plant that looks like a really nice small tree Ü

Taking photos of the market or what being sold was not allowed. Gian and another friend of his were scolded at one time when they documented the area. I guess good mobile phones with cameras such as iPhone are of handy and useful in areas and situations like this.

Oh here, I got my Thai sim card for just 14 Baht. 14 BAHT? What the… ok, perhpas it is really cheap here somehow.

This place is not new to me. But I was still surprised to see it again. It has improved a lot. I was looking for silver bracelets for my female friends and was advised that this is the cheapest place to go to for that. Funny about this place is that the male vendors who sold us the bracelets know simple Tagalog phrase. It sounds kind funny yet amusing them saying it 😉

Photo taken in Skywalk in front of MBK

Photo taken in Skywalk in front of MBK

I LOVE this photo of our Gian! (Kasi ang ganda ko dito… hihihi)

Siam Paragon
Another place not foreign to me. siam Paragon still has it’s splendors and is still appealing to me due to it’s strategic location (has direct BTS stop/station for it), ambiance and great supermarket Ü

We decided to go here because I’m already craving for my fave Thai tea, Cha yen! And since it’s almost dinner time we ate at the food court. Pad Thai and Cha yen is a heavenly combination for me. I wasn’t able to finish my ordered Pad Thai. I got stuffed unexpectedly with the immediate drinking of the tea. Almost half of the glass’ content was only left. I brought it home for next day’s breakfast.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Half-glass of Cha Yen

Half-glass of Cha Yen

But before we had dinner, we bought a few supplies of groceries for my stay like flavored yogurt milk and a couple of Thai toothpaste that Ate Neth always refer to me as my pasalubong to her. And guess what? Gian showed me that Cycles Mild Baby Detergent for Babies is now available in their supermarket while  Bliss Pleasure Enhancing Lubricant is available at their drugstore :D.

Day 1 is almost done. I wonder awaits me tomorrow as my Day 2 for vacationing and revisiting Bangkok (again).


I just received an SMS a few minutes ago from Put. I did text him today while Gian and I were having dinner at Siam Paragon food court. He said he texted last night that he can’t make it when I arrived. Unfortunate for me, I didn’t receive it. I texted him back with a brief accounts of today and the plan for tomorrow. I asked him too if there’d be a chance for us to meet at least before my vacation ends. As of 10:45PM, not reply from him. I guess it’s a NO CHANCE situation.


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