Revisiting Thailand – Day 2

05 Jul

Sunday. Among other Sundays that I recall today is really different. One thing is, I’m hearing mass for the first time in a Catholic church here in Thailand and I’m up and about as early as 5:00 AM. I got up 30 minutes earlier than my alarm in my mobile phone.

I’m not that excited, don’t I? :p

First stop, Lumpini Park. Located in the business district of Silom. this park is among the popular place to go to. And compared to other parks I know, it has a closing time (8PM). It was interesting and quite encouraging for people, both Thai nationals and foreigners alike to spent some time here with it’s luscious greens to interesting group of people you’ll see around… of all ages and all sorts of activities. Even if you don’t run, jog or do any form of exercise, sights will be a feast of the eyes.

Ballroom dancing anyone?

Ballroom dancing anyone?

Fan-dance (sorry I dont know what its called)

Fan-dance (sorry I don't know what it's called)



Dont mess with these ladies with swords

Don't mess with these ladies with swords

Gian and I just walked. And that walking gave some sweat too? Why?

Lumpini Park Area Marker

Lumpini Park Area Marker

That’s the length of the walk we did. The area (I think) of the whole Lumpini Park.

We definitely had something with just merely strolling in the park.

All those walking (and sweating too) made us hungry. Let’s have some breakfast! Where o where? Let’s go across the street… the Thai way…

Sausage wrap with coffee meal in McDo

Sausage wrap with coffee meal in McDo

Well, it’s McDonald’s all right. But unlike the usual McDo that I know in the Philippines, the fastfood chain here has other varieties of meals and combo to choose from. Like for example this breakfast meal I got. It’s sausage wrap with egg. I’m really a coffee person anymore but their coffee isn’t bad. They even have Cha Yen as a choice of drink.

Oh! And one more thing. I did try one more item…

Choco Pie from McDonalds Ü

Choco Pie from McDonald's Ü

Yes. If it’s chocolate you’re thinking, it is chocolate. It’s their chocolate pie! It’s like that chco pudding you buy in the groceries but wrapped with the usual pie dough and baked. Along with this pie are the pineapple pie and the corn pie. I wonder how the corn tastes like…

A few more walks and talks and there we were, the Catholic church in Bangkok named Holy Redeemer Church.

Altar of the Holy Redeemer Church

Altar of the Holy Redeemer Church

See the Buddhism/hinduism icons influenced in the altar design?

Ceiling of the Holy Redeemer Church

Ceiling of the Holy Redeemer Church

The ceiling has lotus motif with gold trimmings.

I think the mass we heard was the 3rd mass that morning. The celebrant were 2 priest: one Caucasian, not sure if it’s Brit or German but the main celebrant is a Thai priest who was ordained in the same church. He mentioned like it’s coming back to where your origins are.

Well, homily was something about no miracles happen if there’s no faith. That Jesus didn’t lose his “supernatural” powers it’s just that he didn’t impose. Well, that’s what the priest said. But what it said to me, love can’t be a one way street. It has to be two-way. It has to be reciprocated. Like if you send an SMS, it has to replied by the person you texted. If not, then… why bother hoping. Ok, I’m beginning to be off topic and too personal… AHAHAHA… moving on…

Next stop, went back to Central World Mall. We took a cab and planned to experience some pampering of self since it’s my vacation. Gian suggested that we try the facial service in that mall. But unfortunately, all slots are taken and could only accommodate just one of us 😦 So we decided to watch a movie later after eating. We had our lunch at Mos Burger. It’s a Japanese burger restaurant and what was highly recommended for me is the cheeseburger.

Mos Cheeseburger and Fries

Mos Cheeseburger and Fries

It was ok. Not to big or small. Hey! I ate the tomato… hihihi. Me not scared of the red veggie, I mean red fruit :p Great if paired with fries and a cold drink.

Ice cold Coke Zero at Mos Burger

Ice cold Coke Zero at Mos Burger

I didn’t notice their tagline/claim until I almost finished my Coke Zero drink…

Agreeable tagline ;)

Agreeable tagline 😉

Simple tagline and true 😉

The ambient lighting was great. Of course, who else will be my model but Gian Ü

Gian, my model for the day Ü

Gian, my model for the day Ü

For experience, I tried watching a Thai comedy movie. WI’m not sure if the title was Wongkumlao but was able to understand what it’s about anyway because of the subtitles. Gian did warn me that the humor is like the TVJ’s era (Tito, Vic and Joey). There was a character in the movie that reminded me of our very own Allan K. It wasn’t bad but perhaps I could have enjoyed a better Thai movie if it’s about love or relationship or drama perhaps. Still my first, fave and unforgettable Thai movie (which I didn’t see in the big scene, just over the net) is the Love of Siam.

But one things for sure, by the way, the cinemas here are first class (for me). Wall to wall carpeting, may it be a small or an old one to the latest ones. Armrest can be pushed back like in some Ayala malls cinemas in the Philippines.

Compared to yesterday, we did a lot of riding the BTS trains and walking. We passed by the previous residence here of Gian in Thong Lo then walked quite a length to look for the travel agency passing by the Philippine Embassy here and reached Phaya Thai. Unfortunately, the agency is not there anymore and moved. Our quest for the day is not complete. Tomorrow, we go to another location and another travel agency for the package tour we can avail of.

Elephant mission is not accomplished yet.

Weather here in Bangkok is like the weather in the Philippines when I left. One time it was so sunny and hot. A few hours later it would be very humid. Sign that it will rain later on. Well, it did. Day 2 was quite a wet and splashy day for me.

And to cap the day off…

Health Land

Health Land

We had a Thai massage Ü Yup. We did. My first time. Unlike the Swedish and other massages, Thai massage doesn’t use lotion or oil which I much prefer so I won’t feel sticky and have that distinct “massage” smell after. Plus in Thai massage you don’t have to be naked or almost naked. Gian brought me to Health Land in Ekamai district. That authentic Thai massage was a bone-cracking, muscle-aching experience. A painfully good one though.


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