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10 Things To Do Before the Year Ends

Was thinking what to write so I decided to surf a bit until I stumbled into a site’s entry “10 Things To Do Before the Year Ends” at

(exact link––>

Let’s see what I’ve accomplished from the list and if it means I still have to be cramming since it’s the second to the last day of the year already.

1) Plan for a successful New Year. This one well, the top and yet the hardest. Isn’t it obvious that call it procastination but I’d say I’m a lost on where to start on the “planning”. That’s why I’m having trouble on what to write/blog. Well… I have less than 48 hours to plan my 2010.

2) Clean your email box. Since my Powerbook is busted and mostly I’m working in my office iMac I guess I have to hit the “all read” button the moment I go back to work on Monday. I have a habit of leaving emails unread in the intention of going back at it “if” it seems interesting until it comes to a point that I forgot all about it. Bad habit I have to kick in 2010. I should delete it if it’s not interesting or read it at once to avoid those unread mail numbers from getting any higher.

3) File papers. Partially done. I guess since mostly I pay online though I’ve been receiving bills via snail mail. I should be sorting those envelops and throwing them into the trash bin for recycling giving space to my table area/drawer.

4) Update your resume and bio. This I had to strikeout. I’m cool and satisfied with where I am so I think there’s no need for me to update/create any resume or bio. What I updated was my notebook of work. Wrote all my notes on scratch papers to my work notebook for a cleaner and clearer reference.

5) Organize your workstation. Proud to say I’m done with this one since Monday. Even though it’s our break, I went back to the office to organize my area Ü

6) Clean your computer(s). My personal computer, an old Powerbook is still in the computer hospital 😦 As for my iMac in the office, I’ve cleaned it from inside-out.

7) Take care of administrative tasks. I don’t think this is applicable to me in the field of work. But if it’s on household chores, I guess I’m good to go. Christmas feast was over and quite a success. All my prepared food were a hit and those who ate them are still alive :p As for the meals to welcome the coming New Year, all are prepared as well.

8) Review your address book. I’m still having problems syncing my phone with the Address Book in office’s iMac. I’ll just sort my phone and update the Address Book manually.

9) Review your social media strategy. I’m still single and I don’t really depend on the internet and the social networking Facebook, Multiply and other social networks are doing. But as one of my “plans” for 2010, I think I have to lessen my time in these networks or at least schedule the use of it. But I should drop the FB games I’ve been addictedly playing for the past months.

10) Assess your marketing strategy. Is marketing strategy part of selling myself? Honestly, I’m in no hurry to get out of the “single” circle. But if in terms of work/business I have now a responsibility to consider being a co-owner of the company/group I’m working with Ü

Not bad. Half of the list has been striked out. Now, on with the “planning”. This time I guess I have to keep it and give myself the challenge 😉

Come to think of it, what has 2009 brought me?

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2nd to the Last Entry for 2009

I’m blank.


The rush could have washed out my thoughts and I just hope I get to recharge before 2010 comes in and I had to go back to work.

Been staring for quite sometime at the blinking cursor and this is it… sigh.

I guess I can still feel the rush that drained me. The rush from the deadlines on work and other duties. Rush on preparing for Christmas feast. Rush to go home and help on the traditional family get together despite most of the members are ether not coming or are already settled abroad.


And I still feel the aftereffects. 2 weeks was declared break from work. I should take advantage of it to rest and relax, right? I still went to the office to use and organize my files in my iMac and to clean my area. Twice. I’m grateful with Myles for lending me his MacBook Pro for a week for a side project I’m waiting and hoping to be working at during the break. I guess i should say, I’m getting bored just staying here in the province that my veins are looking for the tapping, clicking and typing on the keys of the board 😉

But happy or not, Christmas has to come. I’m not happy totally as the past years was or it wasn’t perfect as before but no one can stop Christmas. If not for the kids I love (my nieces, nephews and “inaanak”) it would have been just an ordinary day to pass by. I guess as you get older some moments tend to fade. Oh well.

Reality bites.

Well, I just have to end this entry for now. Hopefully there would be another entry to close the year and top 2010. For now, I bid good night.


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When Twitter or Plurk Isn’t Enough

I was watching the MMFF (Manila Film Fest) 2009 by accident. Well, actually I’m not intentionally to watching really but more on “listening”. I’m busy typing away another blog entry and I miss the the sound of the clicking keys, hehehe.

And I dunno if it’s just me but the entire program/show was bland. The grandness of award shows is missing. Even the singing of Lea Salonga, I can’t pinpoint but there’s something wrong. I’m not sure if it’s the rendition of “Imagine” or she forgot some lyrics. I dunno. But the usual effect of Lea singing, her powerful voice didn’t give me the usual goosebumps 😦

Plus the nominees, they seemed to have included ALL of the actors and actresses in the movies to fall on such categories. What’s the use of the board if you’ll just include all people “acting”. Sigh.

Anyway, there’s only on word that has been screaming in my head all this time that I’m typing. And I know at least one gay friend of mine would agree to me in this word to describe the winners and the entire show: CHAKA!

Oh. Wondering why the title? Well, too many words (and thoughts) to be placed on Twitter and Plurk accounts. :p

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Winterland Experience in a Tropical Island

Just fancied the title. Actually me and my colleauges went to SM Marikina to have our lunch. I already saw this setup a couple of days ago so I shared it with them. Thanks to Myles’ ever amazing iPhone I had my winter wonderland experience in a tropical island called Philippines ^_^

Me with the cute pandas

And with the polar bears and penguins (though in real life these 2 are in opposite poles)


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10 Things

I’ve been tagged by my virtual boyfriend Jose in Facebook about this. I have time to bite on it while waiting to be picked up here at the office. So here it goes:

10 things you want for the holidays: (in no particular order)
1.) Lotsa money to buy items 2 to 6 Ü
2.) 15″ MacBook Pro
3.) iPhone
4.) Japanese table (meaning the low type table) with matching big and small throw pillows to go with it
5.) Own refrigerator, TV (with cable) and other furnishings for my own place
6.) Books that fancied my reading mood (may it be novels, comics/graphic novels, design-related books, etc)
7.) Lose weight without much effort (if it’s possible)
8.) A man (take note, I said man) like Jacob Black… if Bella doesn’t want him, I’m all his (and he should be ALL mine… hihihi *blushing*)
9.) Superpowers but I’m not decided yet if I’ll prefer telepathy or telekinesis or both perhaps :p
10.) World peace Ü

9 musicians/bands you love/like:
1.) Linkin Park
2.) Eraserheads
3.) Bamboo
4.) Madonna
5.) U2
6.) Maroon 5
7.) No Doubt
8.) Michael Jackson
9.) Paramore

8 things you do everyday:
1.) Work (on weekends, physically resting but my brain is still pumping) 😉
2.) Email checks
3.) Think…
4.) Listen to Chico and Delamar’s Morning Rush (M-F) at Monster Radio 93.1
5.) Surf net for inspiration (on work/projects)
6.) Take a bathe
7.) Check/read interesting blogs, Plurk, Twitter, Facebook and at times Multiply
8.) Play some Facebook games (flavor of the “moment”)

7 things you enjoy:
1.) Playing or just being with children
2.) Buying/collecting stuffed elephants (or anything about them) Ü
3.) Reading (books that interest me – depends on the mood)
4.) Eating nice/fave food specially if someone else will pay for it
5.) Sleeping (and not being bothered or woke up by anyone)
6.) Traveling/exploring new countries/cities and experiencing their culture
7.) Cooking/baking for someone else… and they’ll like what I cooked/baked

6 things that will always win your heart:
1.) Elephants Ü
2.) Children/kids
3.) Non-dictating people
4.) Funny (but not nasty) people
5.) Romantic movies
6.) Cute/charming smile :p

5 favorites: (currently for 3-5)
1.) Animal: Elephants Ü
2.) Food: Ice cream
3.) TV series: Glee
4.) TV series: Ugly Betty
5.) Song: Defying Gravity (sang by Kurt of Glee)

4 smells you enjoy:
1.) New books
2.) Baby’s breath (specially when newly breastfed)
3.) Eternity for Men
4.) Nature-ry smell (cut/wet grass, cool clean breeze, etc)

3 places you want to go:
1.) Italy (Rome, Florence, etc)
2.) Greece (ancient ruins)
3.) Africa (Safari)

2 holidays you love:
1.) Christmas
2.) self-declared holidays… *evil laugh*

1 person you’d marry on the spot:
Hmmm… si John Lloyd *blushing*… hihihi

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