10 Things

02 Dec

I’ve been tagged by my virtual boyfriend Jose in Facebook about this. I have time to bite on it while waiting to be picked up here at the office. So here it goes:

10 things you want for the holidays: (in no particular order)
1.) Lotsa money to buy items 2 to 6 Ü
2.) 15″ MacBook Pro
3.) iPhone
4.) Japanese table (meaning the low type table) with matching big and small throw pillows to go with it
5.) Own refrigerator, TV (with cable) and other furnishings for my own place
6.) Books that fancied my reading mood (may it be novels, comics/graphic novels, design-related books, etc)
7.) Lose weight without much effort (if it’s possible)
8.) A man (take note, I said man) like Jacob Black… if Bella doesn’t want him, I’m all his (and he should be ALL mine… hihihi *blushing*)
9.) Superpowers but I’m not decided yet if I’ll prefer telepathy or telekinesis or both perhaps :p
10.) World peace Ü

9 musicians/bands you love/like:
1.) Linkin Park
2.) Eraserheads
3.) Bamboo
4.) Madonna
5.) U2
6.) Maroon 5
7.) No Doubt
8.) Michael Jackson
9.) Paramore

8 things you do everyday:
1.) Work (on weekends, physically resting but my brain is still pumping) 😉
2.) Email checks
3.) Think…
4.) Listen to Chico and Delamar’s Morning Rush (M-F) at Monster Radio 93.1
5.) Surf net for inspiration (on work/projects)
6.) Take a bathe
7.) Check/read interesting blogs, Plurk, Twitter, Facebook and at times Multiply
8.) Play some Facebook games (flavor of the “moment”)

7 things you enjoy:
1.) Playing or just being with children
2.) Buying/collecting stuffed elephants (or anything about them) Ü
3.) Reading (books that interest me – depends on the mood)
4.) Eating nice/fave food specially if someone else will pay for it
5.) Sleeping (and not being bothered or woke up by anyone)
6.) Traveling/exploring new countries/cities and experiencing their culture
7.) Cooking/baking for someone else… and they’ll like what I cooked/baked

6 things that will always win your heart:
1.) Elephants Ü
2.) Children/kids
3.) Non-dictating people
4.) Funny (but not nasty) people
5.) Romantic movies
6.) Cute/charming smile :p

5 favorites: (currently for 3-5)
1.) Animal: Elephants Ü
2.) Food: Ice cream
3.) TV series: Glee
4.) TV series: Ugly Betty
5.) Song: Defying Gravity (sang by Kurt of Glee)

4 smells you enjoy:
1.) New books
2.) Baby’s breath (specially when newly breastfed)
3.) Eternity for Men
4.) Nature-ry smell (cut/wet grass, cool clean breeze, etc)

3 places you want to go:
1.) Italy (Rome, Florence, etc)
2.) Greece (ancient ruins)
3.) Africa (Safari)

2 holidays you love:
1.) Christmas
2.) self-declared holidays… *evil laugh*

1 person you’d marry on the spot:
Hmmm… si John Lloyd *blushing*… hihihi

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