2nd to the Last Entry for 2009

29 Dec

I’m blank.


The rush could have washed out my thoughts and I just hope I get to recharge before 2010 comes in and I had to go back to work.

Been staring for quite sometime at the blinking cursor and this is it… sigh.

I guess I can still feel the rush that drained me. The rush from the deadlines on work and other duties. Rush on preparing for Christmas feast. Rush to go home and help on the traditional family get together despite most of the members are ether not coming or are already settled abroad.


And I still feel the aftereffects. 2 weeks was declared break from work. I should take advantage of it to rest and relax, right? I still went to the office to use and organize my files in my iMac and to clean my area. Twice. I’m grateful with Myles for lending me his MacBook Pro for a week for a side project I’m waiting and hoping to be working at during the break. I guess i should say, I’m getting bored just staying here in the province that my veins are looking for the tapping, clicking and typing on the keys of the board 😉

But happy or not, Christmas has to come. I’m not happy totally as the past years was or it wasn’t perfect as before but no one can stop Christmas. If not for the kids I love (my nieces, nephews and “inaanak”) it would have been just an ordinary day to pass by. I guess as you get older some moments tend to fade. Oh well.

Reality bites.

Well, I just have to end this entry for now. Hopefully there would be another entry to close the year and top 2010. For now, I bid good night.


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