2009 That Was

01 Jan

Hello 2010.

Just a few hours ago, we’ve bade 2009 goodbye. Some gave 2009 a good riddance for all the pains, sufferings and death it had given us. Others just blaste some fireworks and ate their heart out last night.

Undeniably it was a hard and heavy year for most of us. Famous celebs died. Almost all had lost someone close or dear to us and if not us at least someone we know had been affected by calamities. But despite those not so good events we experienced, we’ve had blessings. It is by nature that bad memories overwrite the nice ones perhaps due to it’s impact. We’ve survived 2009 and bet it made you stronger.

2009 for me perhaps was the hardest year. Finances drained and I struggled to survive in a daily basis. New challenges I’ve faced and battled emotionally and mentally at work and I knew I have to harness my skills further. My trusty now rusty Powerbook broke down twice until it totally crashed on me losing files and files of my journals, projects and photos of my travel and other memomies. Tatay had a heart attack and had to go angioplasty. A stent had to be inserted in his heart. He had to go back home.  Afterwhich he had a traumatic head injury accident. Nanay is still battling in pain for her bone degeneration and still in theraphy. Older brother still have no job and have family to support. And loved ones of myc lose friends passed away. These are just to name a few. But the best part of all these downs there were up times.

I adopted a puppy which now is a fully grown “handsome” dog that’s so lovable and adorable. I named him Jake. I can only see him during weekends. But I know he brings joy not just to me but also to my parents at home.

I was able to have my vacation out of the country. I went back to Bangkok, the city I guess I feel in love with. The feeling the first time I went there was not the same when I returned but I felt free and relieved somehow. It’s a break. My personal break. My trip. It’s what I wanted.

Just a few days before our office closed for the year 2009, Myles, my boss-friend announced to the team and officiate a meeting, sort of a year-end review and assessment of the group and indivivduals. And the best part of it, he announced that each member of the team is considered and officially not just an employee but a co-owner of the company. Yahoo. And before we parted ways, he gave each of us a salary raise. What a good way of ending a work year Ü

I don’t have my own portable right now but Myles was kind as always (thank you ulit, Bosing!) to lend me his MacBook Pro momentarily for a week. Was able to do errands and initial designs for my personal project.

2009 is way behind us now and I hope all the bad memories were carried off when it left. Today is a fresh start. I cleaned my phonebook for one. It’s a self-reminder that I must look forward, no more looking back. GIGO = Garbage In, Garbage Out. Some astrologers say 2010 being a Metal Tiger can be a harder year to some but of course our lives is what we make it, right? Let’s hope for the best, work for it and let destiny and fate perhaps do the rest.

A peaceful, prosperous and healthy 2010 to everyone. Be strong. Smile Ü

Oh by the way, it’s time to kick some ass 😉


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