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Hello (and Goodbye) March

With disappointment to myself for not not being diligent in posting and sharing my thoughts and experiences here in my blog, I have to say hello and at the same time bid the month of March farewell.

Today, I’m on leave and will be accompanying my Nanay (that’s a Filipino term for mother) to a Pilgrimage bound for the northern region of Philippines. It’s a Catholic Holy Week tradition called Bisita Iglesia. I just finished packing for both of us. And I realized I will be internet-less for 3-4 days… can that be considered a “sacrifice” of some sort?

Anyway, the month of March is quite quick, loaded with work (as always) but quite unexpected and great. The main event for this month were our trip to Jakarta and attending Bubbles’ wedding. This month has a lot of FIRSTS for me. To name a few, here’s a list of my first’s:

• travel for the year 2010

• attend a Muslim wedding/celebration

• go to Jakarta, Indonesia

• eat any dish with goat’s meat on it

• eat chili (not BITE and CHEWY actual chili, the small and spiciest one)

• win a radio contest Ü

• go and be in a radio station

• meet and greet my favorite DJs (hi Chico and Del) in person!

Promise I’ll post some of the photos (and brag them… hihihi). But for now I have to get some sleep.

Advance Happy Easter everyone!

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