Simply GLEE (and Madonna)

25 Apr

Forget the backlog photos and stories for me to share here but I wouldn’t and shouldn’t miss sharing this to the world (even though I know I’m quite late posting this)!!!

Oh yes. Glee is back and… from a not so quite a bang comeback comes the MAH-DONNA episode! The Vogue video of Sue Sylvester already leaked over the net a few days prior to the 14th episode comeback of Glee. Most of my Gleek friends already shared and posted the links or the video itself over their FB’s or blogs. I’m suppose to do that too now, but I came across with a side by side video of the original MTV of Vogue with the Glee’s version of the video.

I’d like acknowledge and thank DjwickedJester for sharing the video in What s/he did saved us time (and effort). What I did before was watch the Glee’s version then Madonna’s version. Quite hard for me there specially when net is unstable until I quit trying to pinpoint what part stayed loyal and what part was tweaked somehow.

Sue Sylvester is one bitch that you will love and hate at the same time. Jane Lynch in real life is such a good actress! I’ve seen her played Spencer Reed, the geeky FBI agent’s schizo mother in Criminal Minds and I heard she’s also in Meryl Streep’s sister in Julie and Julia. Now I think I better find a copy of that movie as well.

Anyway, the latest Glee’s episode is quite hard to top. It was even said that Madonna herself who was at first unaware of what the show is, now said she liked it and even has a crush on Will Schuester! This episode is worth watching over and over again. And I beleive because of this episode, younger generation will acknowledge who Madonna is during my time and why she’s in music history. Yes, I am old. True Blue was my first foreign album in cassette tape format.

For readers below 25 years old, Google what cassette tape is to know what that is :p


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3 responses to “Simply GLEE (and Madonna)

  1. slaveboi

    April 26, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    Gleek ka din pala Miss Nemcy? 🙂 Apir! Hahaha! I’ve yet to see this episode! The boy wants kasi to wait for the whole season to be over so we can watch it in one go! Hahah. But I’m so excited!

    I love Sue! 🙂

    • Nemcy

      April 27, 2010 at 9:43 pm

      Yup! I’m a Gleek… Glee holds my sanity lately. And every time I listen to their OST specially this Power of Madonna album… I want to sing!!! ^_^ One time I got so into it that I forgot I’m still in the office… hahaha :p

      I love Sue also. Character! Like ko si Mr. Schue(ster) din. Si Quarterback dude, ummmm…pwede na 😉 Pero gusto kong ilumlob sa putikan ‘yung asawa ni Mr. Schue! As in!!!! Oh! And I heart Kurt and Mercedes too…

      Oh my! I think I like them all… hahaha!

      Naku! Matagal-tagal na hintayan kung full season. Ako I just watch it online kaya madalas ginagabi ako going home :p Siguro, enjoy mo muna ‘yung mga snippets or trailers… or better yet, listen na sa OST ng Glee Ü

      • slaveboi

        April 28, 2010 at 1:20 pm

        Ay korek, Miss Nemcy. Parang in the whole series, the only person I hate is yung asawa. Pero I like the actress ha. I remember her from Nip Tuck and Heroes. Heheh. 🙂

        The boy downloaded all the songs naman. That’s why I always sing Glee songs in my head. Hahaha! But glad that I haven’t made an embarrassment of myself in public by singing “Defying Gravity”! LOL. :p


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