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Lips of an Angel

Ok. Sharing secrets on a Sunday… I don’t know what but I really have something for this song by Hinder.

I know it’s encouraging or showing adulterous intentions/act or something like that but one way or another, to other people perhaps there would be someone who they won’t (or can’t) forget.

For the record, I like the song, yes… but the MTV, I find it weird for a rocker to do such moves. Not quite as sexy as how Adam Levine might do those twists and hand gestures. But I like the song. Never failed to make me stop what I’m doing and sing along with the chorus lines.


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My Plant Died on Me

It’s the only plant I have. It’s an indoor mini plant that is soilless (Miura hydro culture plants) and needed to be watered twice a week. According to the brochure its name is pachira aquatica locally called “money tree”. After having it with me for months and being my sole living companion in my unit, it shed its last batch of tiny stem and leaves yesterday.

It died on me.

I’m not so sure if it’s the heat. I gave my neighbor the same kind of soilless plant and theirs is still green and alive. I didn’t neglect it as some of my friends speculated. I greeted it “good morning” everyday and never failed to say “goodbye” when leaving it and “hello” when I get back from work. Other said it might have absorb all my bad vibes or bad energies surrounding me the past weeks specially during the Mercury retrograde. I guess it’s the same concept as that of the gold fish dying as the fish sacrifices its life rather than a human life being taken away in the household where the fish belongs…

Superstitions… but the negative vibes and my plant dying could be. ‘Cause the weird part was, the leaves was not the usual browning, drying and crunchy thing. It’s like bright green leaves turning olive green, then brownish but not drying and crunchy. More of soft withered and then droops down or falls off.

To Manny (my plant’s name) thank you…

Manny, my Miura plant (what's left of it)

Time to get a new one. But I’ll get 2 different kinds this time.


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Jeroen’s Strips: Real Life Experiences

I accidentally discovered a cartoon strip that at it’s simplicity it shows the complexity of life. I searched the site where these witty and real-life situations are net-published. The site is Expect I’ll be posting and sharing strips from the site.

by Jeroen (

For now, that’s what fancied me (or can relate with)… I guess it sums up what my thoughts tonight 😉

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Bangkok Clean Up

The youngest Thai volunteer cleaning the streets of BKK. Photo from

I read over Bangkok Recorder yesterday that Thais, both city cleaners and volunteers, are cleaning up today. Latest information and photos I’ve viewed and shared here came from Bangkok Recorder and my dear friend Gian who’s working and currently residing in Bangkok.

What's left of Central World Mall. Photo by Gian (25 May 2010)

It moves me how the Thais help out in cleaning the mess that the months of protest left behind. I honestly don’t choose sides (or colors) but like what I mentioned in my previous entry, it broke my heart learning about what has happened to Bangkok and how Central World Mall plus other buildings were destroyed. Now, thanks to good news, like any other storm there’s a bright light making way, even leaving a rainbow of hopes ^_^

The kid you see in photo above (thanks again to Bangkok Recorder for sharing this) is the youngest among the volunteers to clean up. I found a few more photos of the Bangkok cleanup by this local Thai freelance photographer. Too bad he didn’t allow me to post his photos here in my blog. Just check out his link here. I could just imagine how fast the clean up and the recovery Bangkok can have with all great gesture it’s getting from both city workers and community volunteers. I bet they’ll be able to clean up faster than the Philippines getting cleaned up from all these election campaign posters-junks still scattered or hanging in its streets!

Thai city cleaners and citizen volunteers cleaning up Bangkok (photo from


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Central World Mall

My First Glimpse of Central World Mall, Sept. 2007

Just yesterday, my dear friend Gian YM-ed me saying that Central World Mall is on fire! Even though I was in the meeting then and the internet connection in our client’s office is quite slow, I Googled and unsuccessful in finding video uploads or even photos for Bangkok’s situation. I continued to YM him and ask for his situation, where he is and who’s he with. Bangkok government has declared the day a holiday for they intend to disperse the protesters once and for all.

I don’t watch news, read newspapers or browse the net for current events. Bad habit to break, I know. But this incidents in Bangkok has that huge hit on me.

Just this morning, Gian YM-ed me again. He hasn’t have any full sleep. He’s been crying. Same as what my other Thai friends feel. Emotional. The Reds have burned the WHOLE Central World. He showed me photos and links via email.

I can’t deny I’m affected. I’m here miles away from Bangkok. I understand why my friend is crying. I would have been crying too if I’m there.

I just couldn’t believe that the Reds burned down Central World Mall. It’s their own prestige. Known as being one of the largest malls in the world. I’ve been there and I go there every time I’m in Thailand. For me this is a mall that caters the arts. In each year that I visit the mall, they always have exhibits, sculptures and hanging mobiles. They hold concerts, expos and the likes. This is the mall that’s open and yet maintains the high end-feel and yet it’s not intimidating. I feel always welcome in Central World Mall.

And now, it’s all burned up. A friend shared this one in Plurk. Click here for the news.

Photo from Daily Mirror

Sharing some of the photos I have online in regards to Central World Mall…

Central World Mall's Theme (Sept. 2007) with my Thai friends, Put (left) and Ten (right)

Hanging glass bubbles, one of Central World Mall's interior design (Sept. 2007)

A net-like hanging mobile structure in Central World Mall during daytime (June 2008)

Central World Mall Park (July 2009)

Me at the LOVE structure at Central World Mall (July 2009)

I know that the Central World Mall for it’s beauty and grandness will remain in our photos and memories. As I remembered Gian mentioning on one of his Facebook status in memory of the majestic mall, he personified Central World Mall to a phoenix that from its ashes will rise a new creature more dignified and powerful than before. Bangkok will be on its feet amidst the riots and political issues that they are experiencing now.

Will I go back and see Thailand again? DEFINITELY.


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The Art of Arguing by Charlie Brown

I saw myself with Charlie Brown… I’m not a good conversationalist, debater or whatever you may call it. Posting this too because Lucy (not sure if she’s that girl on the strip, character evolve in time) reminded me of someone I know…

Timely I say…

Life is indeed in a comic strip… PEANUTS comic strip to be precise 😉


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When The Sight’s Awesome

Always… ALWAYS follow your instinct.

Early tonight I’ve seen the majestic sight of Venus over the banca-shaped moon at twilight (not the novel or the movie… while the sky is not yet black I mean). I should have taken it’s photo then!

Venus over Moon (over Jollibee)

Oh well… lazy me 😦

Anyway, here’s what I got. But it’s still way better seeing it yourself. This shot if over Jollibee (see the fastfood signage beside it) in Tomas Morato area. My location while taking the shot: Sct. de Guia, Tomas Morato.

Calling good vibes… come down to us who needs you.

Good week to everyone ^_^


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