Let’s All Be Happy and GAY

14 May

I saw the link from a friend’s Twitter account confirming that there’s a new boy (or should I say character) in (Archie’s town). Yes. The famous American digest that I used to read when I was a kid is still alive, kickin’ and should I say complying with the current time.

Archie and his gang is not stuck in the 60’s or 80’s. Quoting Archie publications, saying that they have the commitment in the current world of teens and teen media. Which brings us to the news…

There’s a new gay (character) in town of Riverdale.

Folks, welcome Kevin Keller by September 1st of this year Ü (applause)

Unfortunately, as the authors mentioned Kevin will be a hottie that Veronica will be falling head over heels to.  I guess her being rich won’t didn’t get her some gift (as I call it) of having a gay-dar.

For clearer story read on to the news link here and here.

Kevin Keller, welcome and thank you for updating Riverdale 😉


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