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Sometimes You Only Have Yourself

I have those moments.

Those moments that you feel alone though there are people physically beside you. When things are not working the way you hoped for. When you feel like the world is against you.

Some call it “emo” moments… I call it loneliness. Sometimes depression.

But whatever it should be called, there’s only one we can depend on… ourselves.

Let me share a writing that inspired and ok, slapped me back to reality. Thanks you, Slaveboi. You’re like an angel given to me with this piece of work you did. Thanks for visiting and reading my blog. Hope you won’t get tired of coming back Ü Looking forward to meet you someday, dear ^_^


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My (First and) Last Hurrah for Summer 2010

Yes. I got my wish…

Thanks for the long weekend and a non-official planning with Nanay, we closed the summer (actually it’s already raining here in Manila) by hitting the Zambales beach.

Two and a half days and two nights of non-chaotic moments. It isn’t just-all-by-myself days or those road trips-runaway-leisure days but it wasn’t that bad. Thank you, Nanay ^_^

(From a camphone) My only picture of the trip: Afternoon waves of Iba, Zambales beach

First out of town trip that I didn’t bring my digital camera. But I did bring Lucky (the lolo but yet very much working Powerbook that’s been with me for years) because I plan to work a few simple jobs assigned to me but it turned out, I never even open the bag where I kept the trusty Apple gadget. Let’s consider it his rest days too :p

Zambales may not be Boracay but it’s the nearest beach area to hit if you’re eyeing a northern location to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The days we stayed there were fabulous. No rain and not much of people hitting the beach. What a blessing!!! You may find it weird but I prefer places even beaches that are not crowded. I enjoy the sights and beauty of a place when it’s serene.

I’m not a swimmer. A few beach visits I made before I wasn’t able to take a dip. But it doesn’t matter as long as I’m a witness of a sunrise or sunset by the beach, I get to walk barefoot along the shore and my feet and legs get washed by the splashing waves, I’m happy with it. I feel like I’m being refreshed and recharged. And that what happened last weekend.

I got dark but not really peeling-sunburn. Sun-kissed some call it. But for me just a remembrance of my simple long weekend getaway. And with that I’m planning a road trip before the year ends… the me-time getaway.


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It’s read as sau-da-jee as one of my writer friends told me. It’s a new word for me but it was quite timely and accidental that I discovered this word. For the past weeks I have this feeling that I can’t fully explained. I can’t find the write words to describe it.

I was searching the net when I stumbled upon and the strip below caught my attention:

By Jeroen from his site

I have a tendency to be nosy. Seeing that there are comments on this strip I decide to check it out lo and behold, I read the term… saudade. He provided the link explaining it from It says there:

Saudade is a Portuguese and Galacian word for a feeling of nostalgic longing for something or someone that one was fond of and which is lost. It often carries a fatalist tone and a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might really never return.”


Other line that struck me says:

“It may also be translated as a deep longing or yearning for something which does not exist or is unattainable.”


And with that, Mr. month of June… I hope you bring me a better feeling than this. Mid-year. The last half to have a life to live, fight for and make the most of 2010.

(Which reminds me, I haven’t hit any beach yet and summer (by month) is over already)


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