My (First and) Last Hurrah for Summer 2010

16 Jun

Yes. I got my wish…

Thanks for the long weekend and a non-official planning with Nanay, we closed the summer (actually it’s already raining here in Manila) by hitting the Zambales beach.

Two and a half days and two nights of non-chaotic moments. It isn’t just-all-by-myself days or those road trips-runaway-leisure days but it wasn’t that bad. Thank you, Nanay ^_^

(From a camphone) My only picture of the trip: Afternoon waves of Iba, Zambales beach

First out of town trip that I didn’t bring my digital camera. But I did bring Lucky (the lolo but yet very much working Powerbook that’s been with me for years) because I plan to work a few simple jobs assigned to me but it turned out, I never even open the bag where I kept the trusty Apple gadget. Let’s consider it his rest days too :p

Zambales may not be Boracay but it’s the nearest beach area to hit if you’re eyeing a northern location to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The days we stayed there were fabulous. No rain and not much of people hitting the beach. What a blessing!!! You may find it weird but I prefer places even beaches that are not crowded. I enjoy the sights and beauty of a place when it’s serene.

I’m not a swimmer. A few beach visits I made before I wasn’t able to take a dip. But it doesn’t matter as long as I’m a witness of a sunrise or sunset by the beach, I get to walk barefoot along the shore and my feet and legs get washed by the splashing waves, I’m happy with it. I feel like I’m being refreshed and recharged. And that what happened last weekend.

I got dark but not really peeling-sunburn. Sun-kissed some call it. But for me just a remembrance of my simple long weekend getaway. And with that I’m planning a road trip before the year ends… the me-time getaway.


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