Bit An Apple

07 Jul

That was almost a decade ago and it’s not really poisonous per se but let just say my life was never the same since the day I fit the “fruit”.

I was referring to not just an apple but THE Apple. Big difference mind you. I don’t eat fruits. Close friends know that. But I’m such a sucker for anything made by the company Apple.

Mac as other call it. But it’s formally called/named Apple. They really got me ever since. The “poison” that’s been lingering in me is that this awesome company never failed to surprise and amaze me with whatever they’ve come up with. It’s Myles who “converted” me ^_^ No regrets… again, my life changed since then 😉

Interface and design that makes Apple on top of the rest for me. I got my very first Mac when they first released the Titanium version of the so-called then “Powerbook”. It was a day in January of 2002, mid-morning when the doorbell rang. I was staying in my brother in New Jersey back then. Took a peek and saw a UPS van parked in front. I almost forgot that we ordered the machine a few months ago. Excited or was I ecstatic I think that I forgot I was on the phone talking to my friend, Annie who was then in L.A.! The smell of a newly opened box… I couldn’t forget it. I’ll be carrying the my Precious (the 15-inch TiBook G4) a month after going back here, back home. Then a few minutes later after opening the box, it snowed.

My first Apple experience… my first snow experience ^_^

After Precious (TiBook G4 that can boot either on OS 9 and the new OS X then), I got Taynee (12-inch AlBook) then Biggie the Great (15-inch AlBook) and now Lucky the Survivor who was then called Hughie (for Hugh Jackman) before it crashed on me (yup, I lost all my files then… hard drive died on me). Aside from the -Books I got myself a couple of iPods: the classic silver iPod Mini and Myles gave the whole team an iPod Nano 3rd Gen. In the office, I’ve used iMacs from the original white case to the latest Aluminum casing.

It’s not so obvious that me and my close friends are Mac enthusiasts :p

For a much detailed facts to know about Apple/Macs, see 100 Things You Didn’t Know about Apple and Steve Jobs in

Well, hopefully within the year I’ll be having either a new 13-inch Macbook Pro or the new iPhone 4. If I got lucky I might get both (fingers cross)… but for now I share to you guys what was archived from my quite old black sketchbook. This was drawn by yours truly almost the same year I got my Precious…

That’s my first Mac portrait Ü

Ok, ok… portraits are suppose to show one’s face. So below is another self-portrait…

I think I drew the sleepy me with my (Precious) TiBook because I always got sleepy or even slept while chatting with my friends here in Manila (morning) while I was back in New Jersey (night) then. Big time difference, opposite time zones. Hence coming up with the above illustration.

Hmmmm… I wonder what illustration tribute I can do next? 😉


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