Happy Shoes

15 Jul

Photo from Myles Jamito's iPhone (thank you, Myles!)

Need I say more? ^_^

It’s just one of those cheap versions but I feel happy seeing it. Like I almost jumped out of joy seeing it from the shoe rack of the store. As if it was calling me, my eyes went to its location, dropping the black version of it I was trying out and in a few minutes I headed to the counter and paid for it!

Happy, happy. Joy, joy.


Oh… I still love my “battered” red Chucks. Still not letting it go or retiring it like I mentioned (I think) in my previous blog way back. I just feel wearing the new orange ones in these times my colleagues and I are in right now. I need something to feel happy about.

Orange Chucks-like with (almost) rainbow color stripes at the side… not bad right?

My tribute to my (2nd) Chucks… my red and well-traveled Chucks Ü

My red Chucks beside a giant worm (Bangkok, 2007)

My red Chucks on a river boatride (Bangkok, 2007)

In my red Chucks on my first visit to Cebu (2007)

Still in my red Chucks when I revisited Bangkok in 2008

My red Chucks in Lumpini Park (Bangkok, 2009)


Me and my red Chucks (Pagudpod Summer 2009)

With his other Chucks cousins… literally, my cousins are wearing them. I proudly influenced them 😉

Red Chucks and his cousins 😉

If Carrie Bradshaw loves shoes and she has her fave, for now I can say that Chucks is my version of Manolo Blahnik Ü


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