17 Jul

Why do I love Saturdays? ‘Cause it The-Day-I-Do-It-My-Way ^_^


My first elephant sketch: "Ballerina" (10 Oct 2002)

1.) I can wake up as late as 10 in the morning
2.) I can stay as long as I want in the shower
3.) Even though it’s my laundry day, it doesn’t matter. I’m it the coolest (literally speaking) room in the house: the bathroom
4.) Brunch is my first meal of the day
5.) I can play my choice of music for the week all day long (even as loud as I want)
6.) Surf the net (if there’s connection) as long as I want: to snoop around and “stalk” :p Hahaha
7.) Time to play with my pens, pencil and blackbook/sketchbook
8.) Dance around the room (and sometimes shaking my bootie) sets me free! (‘Cause no one’s watching)
9.) Sometimes with closed doors and windows and curtains down, I walk around the room naked :p Hihihi
10.) Basically, anything you can come up to do that you can’t do on any other weekday specially when it’s work day ^_^

Time seems to be not an element on a Saturday. Until the clock strikes midnight, when the day’s over and Sunday kicks in.


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One response to “Saturdays

  1. kator

    March 6, 2012 at 12:30 am

    Hi, Nemcy.
    My name is Kator. I am from Nigeria. Have just gone through your piece of work. I really like what you do! Sounds so of fun! Maybe we can be friends. How about that. Let me know you better. My phone: +2347066386425; e-mail:
    Many thanks!


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