Life’s A Show

19 Jul

Jack in a box, early sketches sometime in 2002

If you are effing kidding us… it’s not funny.

Life is an act. A theater act. Curtain calls. You dance, sing with the act. Audience laughs and cries with you. And if you’re lucky enough they’ll give you a standing ovation at the end of the act.

You’ve given entertainment. You’ve served.

But what if the act is not timely? The act is outdated? Will you still perform to entertain and serve?

Clowns and mimes may show you a smiling face. Think again. There’s a human being behind the white-faced character. They too cry, get hurt and get tired.

I quit.

2 sweetest words I’ve heard a few days ago. Negative to some, but not to us.

The curtain that opened once is about to close. Hopefully, a new and better act will be in store. Timely and appropriately.

Lights out. For now.

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Posted by on July 19, 2010 in Drawings, Realizations


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