27 Jul

Adorn. Accompany. Show off. Go with.

These are just a few words that has the same meaning which we use to in relation to jewelries, bags, shoes, or whatever decoration or embellishment you add to your getup to enhance your fashion or outfit. Some generally calls it bling-bling or simply bling.

What made me brought it up is this article (click here). I’ve read it a few weeks ago and it was brought to my attention by my virtual boyfriend**, Chong. Would you believe that the new bling nowadays is having a gay best friend or GBF? Teens nowadays, according to the article, have gay best friends and its becoming a fad. It’s a trend as projected from Hollywood movies Clueless and TV series like Sex in the City and Glee.

BFFs' Mercedes and Kurt of the hit TV series, Glee

I’m not against it. It just saddens me that they are regarded as sidekicks or merely adornments or material things. I have high respects with gay people and I’m surrounded by these creative and beautiful creatures. It’s a great treasure to have gay friends watching your back, defending you from other bitches that bites you, come running to pick you up when you’re at your lowest state and will definitely tell you that you’re still beautiful even though you have eyebags of a giant from crying a ton of tears over a guy that tore your heart into pieces. But please, don’t treat them as accessories. They are individuals. They’re no different from you and me.

On the other hand, girls/ladies/women who are usually seen with gay friends are called fag hags. I’ve been crowned to be one. A gay friend of my older brother told me now that when he used to go to our place and plays with me when I was a cute little girl (then), he knew even before that I’ll be a “fairy godmother” of my future gay friends. Perhaps at a young age I’ve been trained and brought up to respect everyone whatever they look like and whoever they are.

Gay friends, GBFs or whatever the title we bestow to them, they are our friends. Please. Not accessories. Not blings or clothes that are in season or fashion that when out of style will just be left behind on the darkest side of one’s closet or be donated to Salvation Army. They have feelings too. They’re  not clowns or mimes that you carry around to cheer you up and entertain you. They get hurt too. They cry too. Even though I’ve always regarded them as the bravest and courageous people I’ve ever met 😉

I’ll take this chance to address all my gay friends, specially to the closest ones: R**, G***, C* and J** R****, and most specially to my virtual boyfriend, Chong. Thank you for being my friend and for walking with me in this crazy act called life. May you all have you desired wishes be given to you guys. As long as I can, I’ll support and remind you that there’s always hope and goodness when things are not quite the way we wanted it to be. Because you always do that to me. I may not say this often, or let you guys feel it but I hope you know that a great part of what I am now, I owe it to you guys.

Thank you so much.

*power hugs*

**To explain the term “virtual boyfriend” that created by Chong himself, click here.


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