Not So Good Wednesday

28 Jul

It could have been a good day. But it didn’t started good nor ended in favor to me.

The past few days were not perfect as well but in some aspects, I see some reason to wake up everyday and smile.

You can’t have it all.

I’m beginning to agree on that. Even as work begins to be of burden and the passion is running out but someone came in to give me a nod and pat me at the back. But then again, all that seems good (enough) won’t last.

I am angry and felt betrayed but it’s me who should be blamed. I took the trail fooled with false hopes. It was good to be inspired but never ever expect and depend your (momentary) happiness to anything or anyone.

Everything is temporary.

Do you know the feeling of having that adrenalin rush, get blinded then smashed on a concrete wall and then being thrown off the cliff? Or just being given a high five but on the face? I felt that a few hours ago.

Under the Rain

And then it rained. Hard. For hours.

I feel low. I have no more tears to shed. I wish this rain will wash my memories away. I want to forget… to start a new.

The day is about to end.

Rain… please take what I’m feeling now away.

I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Enough jokes. No more teasing. Enough discussions. No more false hopes. No more promises.

I want to forget. It. Him.


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