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I accidentally saw this one and would like to share it. It’s short, simple and yet so true. A short film made by Anthony Burrill.

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A Reminder to Self (and to Everyone As Well)

by Anthony Burrill

This should be the ultimate mantra, don’t you think?

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Yesterday and today were the days that I consider the “heaviest”. We all have our not so good days, right? These are the days when you just simply wanted to curl on your bed and sleep everything off or those times that you are overly sensitive that a memory will be trigger with a song, a photo or anything that instantly tears will burst out of you uncontrollably.

I cried yesterday packing.

Tonight, I could have (again) if not for this postcard that I forgot already…

Caption at the back of the postcard: A Centennial of Independence, 1892 (Henri Rousseau)

This postcard was sent to me by Jose, 2006 I think. Intended for my birthday when he was somewhere between the east and west coast of US of A. It was late but it doesn’t matter as long as I got the postcard. Who receives a postcard these day and age of technology huh? Anyway, it didn’t hit me then of the message but it hit me now. i guess I’m really such a late bloomer. His message to me is below:

His message to me. Had to blur the address for privacy purposes

It says:

Nemcy, you do not… must not forget that life is a dance. Some don’t know how to dance yet they shake their asses on the dance floor. Others choose to stand in a corner and watch. Some learn to dance along the way. I hope this reaches you on your birthday. Just dance.

Your virtual boyfriend,


A postcard made me cry (again). It reminded me and made me realize that all this happening is a dance and life is a dance floor. I don’t know how to dance and I did stand in a corner for sometime but the music is so encouraging that I did shake my ass of without a care about what people will say or think. I’d prefer to dance than stand in a corner. I’ll learn further along the way. A new dance, in a new song, in a new beat. But definitely, I won’t just stand in a corner no more. Besides, this is independence.



Jose, I hope you read this. Through this post, I’ll let you remember the postcard you sent me. Even though I did say thank you then, I’ll say thank you again because through this postcard you reminded me again of how life is good even though there are jerks, bitches and douchebags who tried to ruin each days of our lives. I’m returning this message to you. Reminding you, dear. That’s what we always do, right? Remind each other? Ü

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Everything Will Be All Right

Sometimes we have to be reminded though we already know that. But because we’re preoccupied with lots of stuff happening around us and we have lots of things in mind, we unintentionally forget.

To all needs to be reminded, to my loved ones: family, close friends (and will soon to be friends as well), specially to my teammates (Myles, Mommy Ria, soon-to-be-mom too Rio and Aileen) and Jose, a virtual tap on your back and a very tight hug plus this message…

Image I found in (from



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Couples Dynamics

Sharing what I found at…

Original source came here. I must say it may not apply to all but could be true to some 😉


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Moving On (and Forward)

Was it 2 or 3 years that we’ve been launching brands, designs and other stuff here in our office Guijo? We’ve always considered it as our “playground”. The moving out wasn’t actually kicking in to me… ok fine, I’m denying it perhaps… until today. Myles posted a link in his Twitter account that, well, made me pull back my tears (again).  *whispers* Myles always has that power to make me weep like a baby 😦

43 Guijo… heard my best and worst laughs, my cries of joys and pains and ok… even my curse. This entry is to sort of pay tribute to our team’s sanctuary.

Our office, 2008. Working hours done. That's me in red with the black backpack. Preparing to go home

We're always provided with scrumptious lunches... for FREE!!! Beat that!

Happy me. On my first station. We moved inside later on

This was my station when we moved inside where there's aircon ^_^ Aileen's on my left. I'm doing a booth design here in SketchUp

Sharing the famous "poses" with Aileen. Later on I moved in her place and she took a new station behind me. Gahd! This can be considered a "classic" picture. I still have my iPod Mini then!

I can’t find any latest pictures after these. All these photos are from Myles’ who never failed to document and shoot. Thanks, Myles for the photos. And for a one-of-a-kind “playground” ^_^

A few days to go and it’s bye-bye to my station, to my walks to and from Guijo… will miss the place. Hopefully we’ll be back here or if not here, it a new place where we’ll transform it to another playground.

Sacrifices has to be done because we need to move on.

43 Guijo… I’ll miss the place.

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In Memoriam: Djupryadi Muliauwan (Pak Eddy)

Pak Eddy driving (March 2010)

Earlier today I told a couple of friends through text/SMS that I feel heavy in the inside. And later today, the feeling became heavier when we were told that our friend, known to us as Pak Eddy passed away because of liver failure.

Pak Eddy, 1973-2010

I’ve known him quite briefly but in that short time, I’ll always remember Pak Eddy as a gentle, very kind, very friendly and thoughtful person. His face was so quiet and always flashes you a smile that you’ll be ashamed not to feel happy and not to smile back.

I have been holding back my tears since this morning. As I write this now, I couldn’t hold it any longer. His death is quite fast and I feel that something was taken away unjustly. He’s too young too die. He doesn’t deserve it. Naiinis ako. But we can’t bring back Pak Eddy anymore 😦

Right now, I feel blessed that somehow I was given a chance to know a person as good and kind as Pak Eddy even for just awhile. He’s an angel now, looking over at us. Smiling.

Thank you, Pak Eddy. We’ll miss you :_(

With Pak Eddy (left) at Monas Monument (Jakarta, March 2010)


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