Moving On (and Forward)

11 Aug

Was it 2 or 3 years that we’ve been launching brands, designs and other stuff here in our office Guijo? We’ve always considered it as our “playground”. The moving out wasn’t actually kicking in to me… ok fine, I’m denying it perhaps… until today. Myles posted a link in his Twitter account that, well, made me pull back my tears (again).  *whispers* Myles always has that power to make me weep like a baby 😦

43 Guijo… heard my best and worst laughs, my cries of joys and pains and ok… even my curse. This entry is to sort of pay tribute to our team’s sanctuary.

Our office, 2008. Working hours done. That's me in red with the black backpack. Preparing to go home

We're always provided with scrumptious lunches... for FREE!!! Beat that!

Happy me. On my first station. We moved inside later on

This was my station when we moved inside where there's aircon ^_^ Aileen's on my left. I'm doing a booth design here in SketchUp

Sharing the famous "poses" with Aileen. Later on I moved in her place and she took a new station behind me. Gahd! This can be considered a "classic" picture. I still have my iPod Mini then!

I can’t find any latest pictures after these. All these photos are from Myles’ who never failed to document and shoot. Thanks, Myles for the photos. And for a one-of-a-kind “playground” ^_^

A few days to go and it’s bye-bye to my station, to my walks to and from Guijo… will miss the place. Hopefully we’ll be back here or if not here, it a new place where we’ll transform it to another playground.

Sacrifices has to be done because we need to move on.

43 Guijo… I’ll miss the place.

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