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An Elephant Leap

Staring at a blank sheet of paper, then on the monitor and then back at the sheet of paper… my mind’s somewhere wandering off. Can;t think of my long-overdues side project. Then I thought, why not do FIRST what I know I’ll be able to finish because I like doing that 😉

It took a few minutes on the first sketches…

The Sketch

…and with courage (and a few hours in Photoshop because I’m kind of OC)…

My first elephant digital drawing in FULL color ^_^

Hope this is the start 😉

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Emily The Strange is Chloe Moretz!

Yes, folks. You heard (or read) it right!

News break for a fan like me of our not-so-lovable-kid-next-door Emily The Strange: there will be a movie! (surprised happy face insert here!) And she will be played by Kiss-Ass’ Hit-girl, Chloe Moretz.

I was browsing through other news in the net the other day and then, BAM! I saw a sidebar-headline about it.

And it’s true. Couldn’t think of any kid actress that could play this kid but Chloe, after seeing her “attitude” in Kick-Ass (the movie which I placed on my I-never-thought-I’d-be-liking-movie-or-even-be-watching-it-but-I’m-so-glad-I-did! list).

Emily will be played by Chloe Moretz

Can’t wait to see this movie!!! ^_^ I wonder what story of Emily will they be featuring? No writer or director mentioned yet. For more further details check out the news here, here and here Ü


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Linus in “Hands and Therapy”

For me, Linus is an adult trapped in a kid’s body…

Hmmm… may be I should go back illustrating elephants, depressed or not…


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Lucky Me! Pancit Canton’s “NEW LOOK”

It’s Friday. Everyone’s out and about, having dinner, celebrating, meeting friends and/or getting drunk tonight, but not me. I decided to stay home (cue: capital L appearing on my forehead) and got too lazy to go down and grab a bite (to think my location has a whole stretch of cafés and restaurants to choose from). So I scavenged in my cupboard (and my neighbor’s fridge as well) for whatever I can “create” tonight.

And what’s in almost every grocery to-buy list, should be on stock and could be considered if not no. 2 or no. 3 in Filipinos staple food after rice: PANCIT CANTON.

There’s a bunch of brands out there but I’d say Lucky Me could have been the first and made the “instants” industry boom here. After more than a decade, starting from their original flavor (the yellow-colored package) they now have (counting fingers) 5 flavors. And just recently, I found out (and finally got time to take a photo of it, because I am to devour my last “copy” of it) that Lucky Me gave it’s pancit canton a “makeover”.

(Top) Sweet & Spicy flavor's old packaging design (Bottom) Lucky Me's NEW Look

When I was in the supermarket, I almost missed buying my stack of pancit canton. I guess being a designer and a consumer at the same time I always go for visual cues. I got used to Lucky Me’s color sign when piled up on shelves. I guess I was caught surprise with the change. Good thing I still have one left in my cupboard of their old packaging for comparison. And yes, it’s my cue to do my groceries once I ran out of “instants” supply.

I haven’t encountered any TV ads yet if they’ve announced they’re new look and I hope their sales wasn’t affect.  Because as a loyal consumer, I almost missed it and could probably bought some other brand for the meantime. I was in a sort of panic at that buying time. And yes (again), my grocery list comprise mostly of my “instants” supply. Mostly these variants of pancit canton. (I have lazy days moments in cooking, I live alone remember? Quick and single meal foods like these instants are my salvation!)

Basically everything is new except the logo: from the product shot, to the font used and the layout. They tried to maintain the flavors distinctive color. But for a food product, they’re brave enough to use black. Usually black is avoided as much as possible so colors and/or design won’t look dark, heavy and/or muddy. Though I missed buying the 2 other flavors (original which is yellow in the old packaging, and calamansi that would probably be brighter green), I’d see that there are recurring images in black in all of their packaging: black plate, black band as background of the flavor  and that black diagonal shading for those with chili flavors.

The new look for the 3 Lucky Me flavors. 2 other flavors not in picture: original flavor (perhaps that would be on the yellow side) and calamansi flavor (on a brighter green side)

So, what do you think of Lucky Me Pancit Canton’s new packaging?


Aside from their new look, their extra hot chili flavor has some extra kick now! It’s spicier that before. I got surprised (again) when I ate it awhile ago before I wrote this blog. Had to chug 2 full glasses of water after :p

Should I keep the old spicy & sweet flavor pancit canton or cook it later on? It could have been a month old already in my cupboard though… O_o


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Wish I Thought of This One…

I saw this visual rant in Jeremy’s Blahg here and traced that it’s =xyphid who made it as posted here.

It’s another way of saying that we’re not just persons sitting in front of a computer using Photoshop.

In one of our conversations with our other colleagues, Myles brought up and idea… this made me think: will we get the same respect like what we give to doctors, engineer and lawyers if designers here in the Philippines will have board exams to be considered “professional” as well? There could have been debate on this for sure.

For now, while there’s no board exams required and we are dwelling in the industry, good luck to all of us. May we have that extensive and unending patience, understanding and strength in facing “challenges” professionally 😉


Kudos to =xyphid. Thank you for coming up with this and good luck to you too ^_^

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Double Celebration

It’s my 2nd day in Davao and will just be doing a quick blog…

Today’s my Nanay’s 70th birthday and she’s celebrating it along side with Ate Neth’s house blessing ^_^

Ate Neth (left) and my Nanay (right) by the main entrance of Ate Neth's house

We heard mass in the morning in SVD (Society of the Divine Word) Davao and ended the day with the actual house blessing. Photos will be shared when sorting already 😉 For now, sharing a couple of photos:

Ate Neth's one-of-a-kind house design 😉

And below is a breathe-taking view you’ll be seeing everyday from the house’s balcony (from the room’s balcony that Nanay and I are staying)…

Breathe-taking view: will ask Ate Neth what is this mountains name

Will be posting (hopefuly soon) more photos from my Davao’s experience (second time around) 😉

To Nanay: Maligayang 70th birthday, Nanay!!! *hugs and lots of kisses* We love you!!!

To Ate Neth: May a dozen more happiness, unsolicited love and (world?) peace always surround your new house. Thank you for accepting me and Nanay as part of your family. Love you, Ate! *hugs*


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