Fun Saturday (Part 1): Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen

05 Sep

Can’t believe it’s already Sunday and Saturday’s over. In a few I am heading home to spend the remaining weekend with Nanay and Tatay. But before I totally forget about what happened yesterday, let me have a quick and ok, photo blog on my fun Saturday…

Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen: This is a place worth traveling for because of their scrumptious Vietnamese food! Thanks to Apple for inviting us and introducing us to the place (all because she and Myles exchanged Tweets). She discovered the place via Anton of Our Awesome Planet. You  can check article here for a better and well-versed write up about the place and food. Shared below are photos by Myles’ and I have to admit, I brought my own camera but I’m sooooo into eating everything in front of me than take photos of it :p

Banh Cuon: minced pork and mushroom rolls w/ Vietnamese ham (Photo by Myles Jamito)

How can I put this? Hmmmm… Most of my close friends know that I DON’T eat fruits and I’m VERY PICKY with vegetables but Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen made me basically eat everything!!! ^_^ And with that, I’ll definitely be bringing my Nanay (to show her that I’m eating veggies now!) and her friends, and whoever among my friends would like to experience what I had yesterday 😉

Photo posted above is Banh Cuon. It’s minced pork and mushroom rolls w/ Vietnamese ham. It’s one of the appetizers we ordered and now, one of my new favorites Ü

I don’t remember exactly the name of the other dishes (again, I’m bad at name recalls) but I can describe you what’s inside of it 😉 But all of them are so good. Even their coffee and drinks. Too bad we haven’t tried their desserts. Well at least there’s another reason for coming back to the place ^_^

But for better reference click here for more of Myles’ photos of the delicious food at Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen ^_^

Highly recommending this restaurant… and we’ll definitely comeback again and again. It’s worth the effort of traveling to south if all food will be these yummy! ^_^

For more details you can checkout this Facebook account here. Go check them out and I bet you’ll click that LIKE button 😉


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