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Snoopy Getting Affected

Sometime knowing too much, if you don’t know how to shield yourself, you’ll be affected and be depressed as well. Life sucks at times and reality bites but it’s still how we look and accept things 😉

Good day, guys!


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Veggie Pasta?


Veggie Pasta? Could be ^_^


Too lazy to go down my building to grab lunch yesterday so I opened my cupboard and checked what I can make of what ever I have stocked here. What I usually keep in stock are instant noodles, tea, coffee, canned tuna, pasta sauces and pasta. Since I’m just by myself, no good neighbors to share my simple home-cooked meal, I can’t a can of tuna and pasta sauce. I have no refrigerator by the way if you are thinking I can keep the leftovers. So, this is what my “imbento” pasta is made of:


from Oishi's website


• a handful of veggie pasta twist (or any kind of pasta will do)

• olive oil

• an egg

• pinch of pepper flakes

• ground black pepper (for a few more kick of spice), AND

• about a handful of (Oishi) Marty’s Baconette Strips, crushed but leave a few whole ones for garnishing 😉

You might be reacting with the last ingredient, but hey! It really does taste like bacon mind you! I so happen to have an opened bag of it so why not put in my pasta? So how do the “imbento” pasta is prepared?

First, cook pasta as indicated. Drain it. I was advised that you put oil and salt on the water so the pasta already has some flavor. After draining, don’t rinse it. Set aside.

In a deep wok or pan (but not the frying type or your have flying pastas all over later when you mix the ingredients), heat a little bit of oil for the egg. Fry the egg there and scramble it with the turner. Make sure it’s broken in pieces just enough to be seen with your pasta. Throw in the drained pasta, add a little more olive oil if desired. Sort of stir fry it. Sprinkle pepper flakes (but not too much ok?) Stir and toss. Add in the crush (Oishi) Marty’s Baconette Strip. Stir and toss again. Add the ground pepper (I like seeing black spots, like dirty on my dishes or soups, sort of making me sure it has that peppery kick of a flavor). Place it a dish and garnish. And that’s it!

‘Lo and behold, my INSTANT Veggie Pasta!!!


My "imbento" pasta: Veggie Pasta with (Oishi) Marty's Baconette Strips!


I believe it’s still vegetarian. I just checked the ingredients and it says there “nature-identical bacon flavor”. Well, I’m not a vegetarian but I do hope it’s really just a flavor-like bacon and not bacon-fat or something like that. Which makes me thinking now: could I (Oishi) Marty’s Cracklin’, their version of vegetarian chicharon as an ingredient substitute to another “imbento” meal?


It’s for me to know and find out  😉

Till next “imbento” meal (or should I name it “lazy” meal?!)


By the way, this blog is not a paid advertisement of Oishi. Just so happened that I like their products and support them (by buying their other goodies as well). And besides, it’s a Filipino company ^_^


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Starbucks Mints

After a movie date of watching Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole with my favorite kids, Milan and Audrey, (by the way, you got to watch it too. I might watch it again soon) we passed by Starbucks to get Milan her request of hot coco and also to buy a drink to her mommy. I usually check out those stuff at their counter. Saw the usuals: lollipops, waffles, some CDs, Starbucks keychains and mints. When I took a second look, I found a couple of tin cans that are quite new to me.

Starbucks Mints Packaging 2010 (Peppermint)

I bought it for Php120.00. I expected it to be priced more or less that way because of the “premium” packaging. And yes, I have to admit I bought for the packaging. Mints will be mints for me. But since I’m a sucker for packaging what more for a tin can container that I can use someday for a business card container (that was what I had in mind while I’m buying it, my “what to use this for after” thoughts) I paid for it.

They are still selling their old mints and gums in those tube tin cans with the flipping top cover. I also searched over the net to look for older mint tin cans of Starbucks that I remember. Found some photos too as references.

These are the gum tin cans

Starbucks mint tin can

And for a much older packaging I remember around early 2000…

Older Starbucks gum tin can

Older Starbucks tin can for mints (sorry couldn't find any clearer photos)

Notice that the design for the gums and mint are almost the same. Until now I’m still getting confused which is the gum and which is the mints. But that’s just me. The difference is only the structure of the tin can: rectangular-squarish for the mints and the tube-like shape for the gums. Perhaps that’s one reason why Starbucks redesigned their mint packaging.

Another thought that came to me also is my old blog entry about another brand of mint: ORAL FIXATION. (Click here for that entry) I remember buying a couple of those for one of our old project of mints before for a packaging and sample study. I kept one of it’s packaging for “future” use (ok fine. It could have been my [old] business card holder thought too). To compare:

(L-R) Starbucks Mint Packaging 2010 beside Oral Fixation Mint Packaging

Compared to Oral Fixation, in the Starbuck branch that I went to, they only have 2 cans left with just one kind of mint which is peppermint. Oral Fixation has a variety of flavors although lately I haven’t seen them in possible key stores like 7-11 or gas stations where mints are usually available. I’m not quite sure if they are still available somewhere out there. Because of their premium price, I guess they have to find a location to sell where people with money will go or like me, suckers for packaging :p

Oral Fixation Antioximints: Green Tea Mints

Above is Oral Fixation “Antioximints” (Green Tea Mints) has a wax or parchment paper placed inside the sliding tin can, on top of the mints. Printed on it is a old Chinese man (old = wise) with a description about tea.

Compared to Starbucks which the mint compartment slides open sideways to the right, Oral Fixation cans’ compartments slides open at the bottom. But it doesn’t lock. Wrong grip or pull from where you keep it, it might accidentally slip off and all mints will be all over the place 😦 I think Starbucks solved it with the side opening and the secure-locking trick whether opened or closed.

Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of how Starbucks mints are displayed. It’s this angled black wooden sort of pigeon hole thing. I hardly noticed the mints actually not until I made that second pass on that pigeon hole like box while waiting for my change. But if you’re frequent coffee drinker and visits Starbucks that often you know what I mean.

Oh! For the taste, it’s peppermint. Strong one. Guess a mint or two of it is enough for you to remove that coffee after-taste. It’s sugar-free and used sorbitol as sugar substitute. You can read the information of that sugar substitute here.

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U.P. Revisited: Shock Value and U.P. Food

It’s been years since I walked through the halls and the now brick-like sidewalks of my university. For a concluding Saturday, we saw college students waiting at the jeepney stops and well, lots of bikers and joggers. Half the road of the university oval were already barricaded for them. During my college days, it wasn’t like this. I guess many now are appreciating how nice it was to walk (or in their case, jog, run or bike) under those trees.

I came back and walked the halls and sidewalks of UP to watch “Shock Value”. Likewise, it was years since I walked a play in UP. I almost forgot how I like watching plays. I guess I’m a frustrated actress… hihihi. Jose, my virtual boyfriend was so kind to (advance) treat me (for my birthday) and got us a ticket to watch the matinee show. Luckily, it was the 2nd to the last day of the play. We were hoping to see John Lapuz aka Sweet on stage. Too bad it was not his call time. But despite not seeing him, the play was hilarious. It was a satire about the back scenes of our television industry. It was filled with characters and roster of personalities you’ll recognized from onscreen. I had a very good laugh through out the show. Oh. There are quite a few scenes that are for “mature” audiences 😉

Oh. I like how they termed these TV icons (on cam and those behind the cameras) “beautiful monsters”. Despite of how monstrous these personalities are, or even know the personalities or even the stories that we watch on TV (fabricated or not) we the viewers tend to continuously watch them and talked about them. Because that’s what we want them to be. We “buy” what they are selling.

After this play, I’m looking forward to another chance to watch and catch another play from Dulaang U.P. Ü


It was just past 6pm I think when Jose and I, both craved for the usual (and famous) student food here in UP: fishballs, squidballs and kikiam. We had to walk in pursuit to any open stalls. Jose comes back to UP more often than me because of his masteral and experimental painting classes. I mentioned a few fishball stands I remember before, half of what I mentioned are either closed already at that time or was relocation somewhere else. Proof that a lot has changed in my alma mater.

Passing by between AS Hall (or Palma Hall) and CAL Building, I noticed a photo op background…

Our first photo op: Jose's Mary Poppins-ish Landing Pose

Mission No. 2 for the day… our college days comfort food…

UP Food: Fish balls, Squid balls, Kikiam atbp.

Remember the changing times I mentioned awhile ago? A proof…

UP Food Cart Now

All the balls and other street food being offered are sold in sets nowadays

Almost all stalls or food cart in UP looks like these. In my days, I remember Manong will bring out his bags of balls (no pun intended) out of a stryofoam container filled with ice side by side with drinks you can choose from: bottled, canned or in tetra packs. You can buy these balls by piece and you yourself will poke them out of the frying pan, hot and crispy. In the famous “kolehiyala” terms, you make “tusok-tusok” the fishballs. Now, food to cook are displayed and all the balls (no pun intended again) that to be fried are on a stick and being sold on sets (P12/set if I’m not mistaken). They even have cheese sticks, siomai, hotdogs and take note: pancit canton! Not to mention there are even combo meals or set meals like pancit canton + squid balls + hotdog sandwich for more or less about P65.00 at the most that you can choose from. College kids nowadays are quite lucky with these “variety” of street food in UP. Well, parents or health conscious people will definitely say these are not healthy food and shouldn’t be eaten everyday but hell! I’ve been a student and in tight budget (or saving up for something) these meals are my savior if I’m still a UP student at this time 😉

Leftover waste from our devoured college food cravings

Manang draining the pansit canton noodles just ordered from her

I felt old BUT happy and simply satisfied with my Saturday in U.P. Diliman with Jose. Though it was quick, it was fun reminiscing while chomping up all those balls (again, no pun intended). That was our dinner, by the way. Cheap but memorable.  I was dead-tired and fell asleep when I got home but I really had a great time! Thanks again, Jose. Looking forward again to another moment of nostalgia in U.P. Diliman ^_^


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