Veggie Pasta?

13 Oct


Veggie Pasta? Could be ^_^


Too lazy to go down my building to grab lunch yesterday so I opened my cupboard and checked what I can make of what ever I have stocked here. What I usually keep in stock are instant noodles, tea, coffee, canned tuna, pasta sauces and pasta. Since I’m just by myself, no good neighbors to share my simple home-cooked meal, I can’t a can of tuna and pasta sauce. I have no refrigerator by the way if you are thinking I can keep the leftovers. So, this is what my “imbento” pasta is made of:


from Oishi's website


• a handful of veggie pasta twist (or any kind of pasta will do)

• olive oil

• an egg

• pinch of pepper flakes

• ground black pepper (for a few more kick of spice), AND

• about a handful of (Oishi) Marty’s Baconette Strips, crushed but leave a few whole ones for garnishing 😉

You might be reacting with the last ingredient, but hey! It really does taste like bacon mind you! I so happen to have an opened bag of it so why not put in my pasta? So how do the “imbento” pasta is prepared?

First, cook pasta as indicated. Drain it. I was advised that you put oil and salt on the water so the pasta already has some flavor. After draining, don’t rinse it. Set aside.

In a deep wok or pan (but not the frying type or your have flying pastas all over later when you mix the ingredients), heat a little bit of oil for the egg. Fry the egg there and scramble it with the turner. Make sure it’s broken in pieces just enough to be seen with your pasta. Throw in the drained pasta, add a little more olive oil if desired. Sort of stir fry it. Sprinkle pepper flakes (but not too much ok?) Stir and toss. Add in the crush (Oishi) Marty’s Baconette Strip. Stir and toss again. Add the ground pepper (I like seeing black spots, like dirty on my dishes or soups, sort of making me sure it has that peppery kick of a flavor). Place it a dish and garnish. And that’s it!

‘Lo and behold, my INSTANT Veggie Pasta!!!


My "imbento" pasta: Veggie Pasta with (Oishi) Marty's Baconette Strips!


I believe it’s still vegetarian. I just checked the ingredients and it says there “nature-identical bacon flavor”. Well, I’m not a vegetarian but I do hope it’s really just a flavor-like bacon and not bacon-fat or something like that. Which makes me thinking now: could I (Oishi) Marty’s Cracklin’, their version of vegetarian chicharon as an ingredient substitute to another “imbento” meal?


It’s for me to know and find out  😉

Till next “imbento” meal (or should I name it “lazy” meal?!)


By the way, this blog is not a paid advertisement of Oishi. Just so happened that I like their products and support them (by buying their other goodies as well). And besides, it’s a Filipino company ^_^


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