Thailand and their food

18 Nov

Vacation won’t be complete without eating (well, that’s for my view of vacation). I have my favorites and even with this shortest Thailand trip, I shouldn’t miss the chance to eat authentic Thai food!!!

Let’s start with the drinks:

McDonald's in Thailand serves Cha Yen: Traditional Thai Iced milk tea

My new favorite drink: Lemongrass Ice Tea

A new (yet late, I know!) discovery of mine was their version of lemongrass ice tea. I so of fell in love with it and now my favorite cha yen has its competition! It’s sweet yet refreshing. For those who are lactose intolerant, I recommend this one 😉

Now for the real carbo-loading yet healthy Thai meals…

Pad Thai or some say Phat Thai is one of Thailand's national dishes: this version is with glass noodles ("sotanghon" noodle in Tagalog) instead of the usual flat rice noodles

Out of my love and among may favorite food here in Thailand is Pad Thai or locals may say or call it as Phat Thai is a dish of stir-fried rice noodles with egg, fish sauce tamarind juice, red chili pepper plus any combination of bean sprouts, shrimp, chicken or tofu, garnished with crushed peanuts, coriander and lime. This is also one of Thailand’s national dishes (definition lifted from Wikipedia). I tried cooking this dish to my friends and yet nothing beats the original and authentic dish!


Simple yet tasty: Crispy Egg Omelette with shrimp


This crispy egg omelette with shrimp is not a fancy food. Simple rice topping yet it’s tasty and my trip won’t be complete if I don’t eat at least a meal of it. I always eat this at the Siam Paragon’s food court, which I consider a haven of food… soooooo many to choose from: Thai, Japanese, Korean, etc.


Cute and small yet sweet and spicy: Thai sausages

Sticky Rice


I say it’s a simple and yet best combination of Thai meal if you’re in a hurry: Thai sausages and sticky rice. Never underestimate the size of those sausages because its spiciness bites! I always pair it with rice (no spoon or fork needed eating this kind of rice). In Siam Paragon food court, they give you blanched raw veggies when you buy a set of Thai sausages Ü


Thai dessert

I forgot the name of this Thai dessert (again). The bread is like a crunchy cone, same as the consistency of sugar ice cream cones but smoother and the white part is a thick and sweet icing and the orange one are shredded sweetened coconut (I think) for the topping. If you have a sweet tooth this one’s what I recommend that you shouldn’t miss.


Let’s now go for the “branded” food in Thailand… I mean food chains that’s available or started in Thailand.


The Pizza Company's Tom Yum Pizza


Even though I missed out eating Tom Yum Goong soup, I won’t passing this one up. Authentically it’s from and only in Thailand: Tom Yum flavored pizza from The Pizza Company. The said pizza chain in known to be creating flavors or combination of flavors that some might find weird. You might find this flavor weird on a pizza but I like it (yes, i know, I’m weird!). The pizza chain by the way offers combination pizza flavors in one pan 😉 I think we got there a pizza flavor with crab sticks and pineapple (I forgot the flavors name, sorry) and Tom Yum, for my request ^_^

Before I tell you the next brand, let me introduce you to their mascot:


MK Mascot with my cold house tea that I like too ^_^


Ok, to be honest, I don;t know if it has a name or if it’s even really the shabu-shabu restaurant’s mascot. But it’s always in every table and every branch of MK restaurant that I’ve eaten at holding a pen and I think that’s a mobile phone on the other with some toothpicks and comment card oh! and tissue inserted on top or back of it. Branding I say :p


Veggie Platter Set at MK


Like what I’ve mentioned, it’s a shabu-shabu restaurant where in you’ll be cooking your food. they do offer meals that are already prepared but it’s their signature I guess on the “cooking your own food” part. And for those readers who knows me as a non-veggie eating person, I did eat this meal. I eat veggies, but not all kinds of vegetables. Just a selection, a few of the kind. I’m picky you know!


Cooking the veggies in prepared broth


It does take time in this kind of restaurant but at least you have a time to have some chit-chat with your food buddy 😉 Meanwhile, you can pair it up with one of their noodles in which my favorite is:


Jade noodles with garlic flakes


You can eat the noodles as it is or dip it in MK’s special spicy sauce. Or you can place the sauce in the serving of the soup you cooked…


Veggie soup meal: with Jade noodles and MK's special spicy sauce


And a proof that I ate veggies…


Jade noodles anyone?!!!

Hope I didn’t make you guys hungry or crave for Thai food 😉




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