Odd Friendship

01 Dec

This image has been in my head for quite a while now. Either I was too lazy to draw it or I’m load up with work but now no more excuses! So I grabbed the Bamboo Wacom and here’s what came out of it…

In the real animal kingdom it’s not feasible to see this scenario. Who cares?! This is what I had in mind, bite me… (sorry, I’m really sensitive these days…. be warned!)

It’s a start of the last month of the year. I have to admit this year’s not the best and this December is quite a heavy month for me. The search for reasons to smile even for just awhile and to relieve not so happy moments continues. I’d say (with pride and hopefully no one contradicts) I’m proud of this quick illustration I did over Adobe Photoshop for a couple of hours. A good reason for me to smile…

Gian, I finally drew it!!! This could be Austin and Pansy Pang Pang ^_^ I’ll give you this drawing ha? It’s not as grand as the one I retouched and emailed you awhile ago but THIS illustration I’m proud to say I’ve made it and giving it to you. Belated happy birthday (ulit!) ^_^

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Posted by on December 1, 2010 in Drawings, Satisfied and Accomplishments


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