Boy Bands Mashups

10 Dec

This news was hyped up weeks ago. But honestly, I still can’t get it off my head. Ok fine. I have to admit, I am a boy band fan BEFORE.

I’ve been hearing over the airwaves and read a few articles about this 2 boy bands coming together. Hearing that made me curious as a cat. And perhaps something in me was awakened seeing it. The video of what I’m talking about:

For the record, I just saw this online and my jaw dropped open! Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block… it’s like my high school days and college days were combined (or collided would be a proper term?)

It’s not just merely a reunion. It’s THE 2 boy bands (or should we change boy to man because they’re old-er?) together. Performing. In. One. Stage.

[Insert female fans screaming here]

When I was in college, I always wonder what if BSB and N’Sync performed together? It’s like the elder brother (which is BSB) and a younger sibling (N’Sync) dancing and singing together. Never did it entered my thought about a much old-er group with BSB.

I have to stop working for about half an hour or so watching this video over and over. Of course for the first repeats it’s for the mere entertainment but later on I’m observing them. Comparing.  I had to search more videos of each groups (sorry, I feel it’s not proper to call them “boy bands” anymore. “Boy bands” seem too old school. Too cute?) from their golden years to their comebacks.

I always fall for the less popular. Among the NKOTB boys I prefer not Jordan but his brother Jonathan. I think it’s how Jonathan dressed up then, projecting the old or “mature” one. While I remember Joey McIntyre being the cute kid back then and his voice “not yet developed” high-pitched voice. Joey then is like the Michael Jackson singing in Jackson 5. I couldn’t forget his voice in “Please Don’t Go Girl”. Sorry Bieber fans, before your Justin’s high-pitched premature young man voice there was the (young) Joey McIntyre:

Ok. The dance steps may not seem appropriate NOW but it made girls scream back THEN. I do wonder how these guys would react now seeing how they perform and dance before.

Here’s Joey (or is he now called Joe?) updated version of the song… mature enough? I think so. But I guess the screaming ladies in the background forgot about growing up (kidding!). Screams are still there. Fans 😉

And a version in their recent concert:

I have to admit, late-bloomer that I am, seeing NKOTB comeback videos in YouTube with Ne-Yo for a collaboration, let’s just say they seemed to have a good “way” of growing older. They grew better than BSB in my opinion.

And when the NKTOB did the iconic dance steps for the Step By Step… it was wonderfully (if there’s such a word) nostalgic! I’m sorry NKOTB left marks in the memory of girls then and perhaps some are hot mommas now (evidence on the AMA video, noticed the audiences given some close-ups) that will always bring a smile or a tickle in their thoughts hearing or seeing NKTOB’s dance videos 😉

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not biased. In fact, I’m a BSB fan. I also like NKOTB but not as much as BSB. I was young-er during the heydays of NKOTB and I’m not yet into radios or MTVs back then compared to my college days. I even bought a CD of their album The Hit-Chapter One when it was released in the US (I was there then) and hoped there could a next chapter of their hits. But their appeal to me faded. I thought it’s because I’m getting old-er, a different music genre appealed to me (could it be because of age again?) or because BSB is gone? They tried to come back. Even came here in the Philippines and had a concert which I missed because I believe the promoters where not that good in bombarding medias here (I remember there’s only one billboard, a small one in a not so prominent location for a promotion? What the-?). And then I learned Kevin went on for a different path… BSB for me now is not the same. And it’s so obvious in their performance at the AMA’s. There’s a spot their original BSB fans would know was meant for Kevin 😦 It’s not the same “growing” up with 5 BSBs and now there’s only 4.

And why is it, NKTOB is an old-er group, and yet they looked younger? Is it just me or NKTOB look happier than BSB. NKTOB seemed to be enjoying the performance more than BSB. NKTOB grew “cooler” I guess.

Well, whatever the back stories are it’s quite a sight-seeing these bands together. They’re back! Wanting to hear more of the screams of old and loyal fans and hopefully new ones as well.

Will they come here in the Philippines to perform? Who knows. I wish they’d have a better promoter. Will I watch? I would if I could Ü

But for now, I leave you dancing and singing along with NKTOB’s original video of their Step By Step while I watch (with a smile) the video of my favorite BSB song (one of the songs I wished were being sang to me), As Long As You Love Me.


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  1. Emmaline Vangelder

    December 20, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    hello there, i’m really excited about Mick and co at Glasto,also cool blog, and hopefully would check updates soon.Thanks!


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